Friday, December 18, 2009

Imma Student

Dude comes up to me and a friend last night at the Bar. (no....this is not the start of a joke).

Dude comes up and says hi to my buddy, and then introduces himself to me. I happen to be wearing my 3 dollar "U of M" beanie. Often times, people ask if I go to the U (when I wear the hat), and I say "I got this hat for 3 dollars at Marshalls, that's why I wear it, I don't feel like giving the University any more of my money".

Dude last night see's my hat and asks "So...are you a fan or do you just want to look like a gangster"?

"Imma student", I said. His question (and my answer) pissed me off. Mostly his question though.

I was obviously annoyed by his ignorance, and said something to my friend Mike (who was sitting with me). Mike said, "Well, maybe it's because you have a black hat and a black sweater on". Yeah....I'm sure. I've wearing a fucking Merino Wool sweater from J. Crew (thanks Dan Hartnett, for washing/drying/shrinking it so I could have it).

Anyway, this guy ended up getting 86'd (aka kicked out) from the pub after a while. Good. Now I don't have to defend myself as a student anymore.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Wish List

My family doesn't celebrate the birth of Jesus. Regardless, here is my Xmas wish list:

1. The Nikon 70-200 2.8 VR

2. A Saab 9000 CSE Turbo 5 speed.

3. Ice Cube Trays

4. A running partner (does not have to be Carrie Tollefson, though she would nice).

5. This coffee table (in dark brown).
6. A subscription to Popular Photography Magazine.

7. Someone to go fishing with (photo by Janette Ellis, 2008).

8. Vinyl

9. Books, including:

10. A job (i.e. photographer, bartender, teacher).

11. Window Curtains (similar to these)

12. A long legged Kenyan runner with skinny ankles, big lungs, straight teeth, and musical/artistic ability.... to be the father of my children.

13. More days like these...

14. World Peace.

This list is a work in progress, and is not confined only to Xmas. Please expect more to come. Enjoy your day.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Stuck (in the snow)

I went with Ethan to Clouds in Water today, for a noon sit. It was good, minus "My Cheri Amor" running through my head most of the time.

As we were getting ready to walk into the meditation center, we saw a big VW Bus/Van thing that was stuck in the snow along side of the road. A dude (who we decided was British, because he looked like a emo/rocker) tried to push the lady's vehicle out of the snow. Two runners came and joined him. This went on for about a minute, as Ethan and I sat in the car, deciding if we should help or if we'd just be in the way. After a minute, one of the runners (in his expensive spandex/neoprene/wind-proof/waterproof/nuclear disaster proof outfit) fell into the snowbank because he pushed so hard and lost his footing. Upset (and probably feeling salty), he yelled a bit and ran off with his partner in tow.

Ethan and I looked at each other and said "Fuck that". The Brit was still helping push, and his set of skinny legs was not going to be enough to move that van. We jumped out of Ethan's car and went to help. Another guy joined in the pushing, while Ethan went to the coffee shop to get a shovel. Between the 3 of us pushing (and Ethan being the logical one to get the shovel) we managed to get this lady unstuck.

One thing I love about winter, is the many opportunities to help others. The lady in the van was from the Yacht Club, and here we were (Ethan, the Brit, the scruffy dude, and me) all together, trying to make shit happen.

I'm sure the eurovan/yacht lady was happy that we got her unstuck. I was happy that we (as a group of strangers) put aside our going-ons to do something nice for someone else. Ethan was happy that he didn't have to shovel. Today was good.


the brown cube is not actually called "the brown cube". i just call it that, because brown is my favorite color.

i have no idea what the cube is really called.

pic by me, after finishing it at the graber's house, fall 2009.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

the brown cube

Sometimes, I can solve the brown cube. Other times, I cannot.

Often times, when I show the brown cube to others, they say "Ooh, I know who can solve that.... cuz he can solve a Rubik's cube like whoa".

And so they give it to the dude(s) who can solve a Rubik's cube, and the dude's (along with me) know that these two cubes are totally different in color/strategy/maneuverability. So they fuck with em for a minute, set them down, and go back to their Rubik's cube.

I'm impressed (?) with people who can do a Rubik's Cube. I am not impressed with people who assume the brown cube is solvable the same way as the Rubik's Cube.

Also, I am amused by the lack of effort/interest that Rubik's solvers give to the brown cube. If they can't solve it immediately (which is true...they can't), they put it down and go back to something they know they are good at.

Makes sense, I guess. Unless you wanna expand your "cube shaped activity nerdiness". I sure do.

me solving the brown cube. 12.13.09

I must say, however.... that I bought both a Rubik's cube and the Brown Cube because I fidget with my hands a lot. If I knew how to knit, I would likely knit enough blankets to keep a family warm...because my hands are always moving, messing with things, touching things, breaking things, etc. If someone wants to teach me how to knit, that would be great. In the mean time, I'll have to try a lil harder on my Rubik's Cube. So far, I can only get the White Side completed.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Monday, December 7, 2009

for sale

I bought a watch on the other day. It's too big. In fact, when I put it on my wrist, it looks like I'm wearing a clock. Yes, that's right.... a clock.

I'd like to sell this watch at the same price I bought it for, 30 dollars. (it is brand new, never used, just put on my wrist for half a day so i could laugh at how funny it looked).

It's black (and not flashy), it reads heart race, distance, speed, calories. It also can attach to your bike (if you are riding and don't want to wear it as a watch).

If any of you men have regular sized wrists (or women, ave-bigger wrists) get at me via e-mail or phone if you're trying to pick this up.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

1.29.09 (winter depression)

I was at the hexagon bar, on 1.29.09, drinking whiskey, listening to natives yell and a black dude, the black dude yell at the white dudes, and the white dudes yelling at everyone. It was awful. I wrote a poem that day, about my winter depression. It went like this:

My winter depression, it has arrived,
no sounding horns or warning sign.
Comes out of nowhere, like an STD,
Comes totally unwelcome,
like a teen pregnancy.
Its showed up each year,
for over a decade,
It comes every fall,
w/the queen of spades.
I play my hand,
my mind plays me.
I rest my head,
don't care who sees.


Yesterday (12.01.09) I felt a same kind uglyness. The difference this year, is that it's now December and we don't have snow! We had a nasty october, with maybe a few inches... but then November was warm (comparatively).

How can I be in a winter depression so soon?? It's December 2nd today, and I feel 75% better than I did last night. I hope this (better feeling) sticks (like snow should).

A question to those reading..... How do you get out of your head, on those hard days? Those long, dark days, when nothing seems to matter. When the outside looks so uninviting, and then inside is just depressing. What do you do?

Yesterday, I worked on a cover letter/resume for a while. I got about 1.5 hours worth of work done.... in 4 or 5 hours. It was that kind of day. It turned around when my friend came over later in the night, and we starting watching "To Wong Foo" with Patrick Swayze. We couldn't finish it, because I got hungry (and he got thirsty) and we had to fix that. If he wouldn't have come over last night.... the day would have been completely miserable.

We can't always count on others to help us out of a rut. Day to day, it's okay to lean on people, sure... but it can't be day after day. At least not in my book.

So what do we do? What do you do? Have you ever had a day/weekend/week/month where you couldn't get yourself going? When you couldn't find the motivation?

If you live in MN, I'd be willing to bet you've had at least a few of these instances. If you live in the moment, I'd imagine you've had a few also. So....what have you done for yourself? What have you done for others?

self portrait 12.02.09

Monday, November 30, 2009

neo nazi gay bashers.

I was having coffee with my friend Davis the other day. We went to Rudie's Coffee House on West 7th... I'd never been there before. The coffee was inexpensive and came in ugly Styrofoam cups. Overall though, I got a good vibe about the place. If you're in the area (i.e. heading to the airport, or from the airport, or just cruising along 7th street), I recommend checking it out.

Davis is 70 something, and has been growing out his beard all year so he can be Santa Clause. He's looking good. If you're in need of a santa, hit me up and I'll get you his information. Or, stop down to the Artist's Quarter any Tues-Sat night and he will be there.

Davis and I talked about my schooling...and how I'm on a "leave of absence" right now. I tell him I've got 3 more projects to do, most of which are half way complete or more. Yet, because there's no "time line" or "deadline", I really am struggling to get them done. Better said, I'm really struggling to want to even look at them or deal with them. This is for 2 reasons.

Reason One: I don't have a deadline/time line, therefor it's like these projects don't exist.

Number 2: My projects are the following: A student teaching stint I completed a couple years ago, the composition of 4-5 songs (including recording/producing), and all the work/outreach I did 4 years ago in New Orleans around the Mayoral Election of 2006. None of this interests me anymore, at least not in the way that it used to.

I love(d) my experience volunteering/working/teaching/playing at Southside Family School. It was incredible, beautiful, spiritual, inspirational. But now it's over. My teaching is done (there, for now) and writing the last few essays about it does not seem to interest me at all.

Next, when I am super depressed, I write significantly better and more frequent than when I am feeling "good". Lately, I've been feeling pretty good, which makes writing songs/poetry/stories/rants not as easy.

Would I trade "happiness" for the ability to make good music? Not yet.

Lastly, the New Orleans thing was really emotionally exghausting. I came home from that trip and wanted to go back to school so I could "make a difference". When I realized that school is only a small part of the puzzle (and things like money, skin color, family history, etc matter a whole lot more than a degree), I kind of gave up on the idea that I could "make a difference". It's not that I think all my work is for nothing... I just think that politics and school are so full of bullshit, that it's hard for me to really care about either of them right now, because in the end, it probably doesn't matter.

Davis listened quietely as I bitched and moaned about school, and my lack of interest, and lack of deadlines. He gave me a suggestion...

"'When my ex wife was writing her thesis', he said, 'her therapy lady told her to write out a check to some neo nazi group and put it in an envelope with a date and stamp on it'. 'If the ex didn't finish her work by the time she had agreed to, the therapy lady would mail the check'".

FUCK!! For real?? My mom asked me once "Will it help if I tell you I'll give you 500 dollars if you graduate"? "Nope, it won't help at all", I replied. But this idea of Davis' is a whole new ball game. If I sign and date a check made out to the neo nazi, gay bashing, (fill in the blank) group, and had to send it if I didn't get my work done by a certain day, would I actually get my work done? And who would I give the check to (to bring it to the post office)? I don't have a therapy lady anymore. I could give it to my mom, but I don't think she'd be able to bring it to the post office without becoming violently ill. Maybe I could give it to Davis? Or to Greg, my former advisor (who got canned for no good reason)?

Really though, I am scared to write/date/sign a check made out to any sarah palin/michelle bachmann/neo nazi klan group. I don't want to contribute to their bullshit.... and I would have to, if I didn't get my work done.

Can these crazy ideas/people/groups motivate me to finish my projects? I don't know. Can anything? I sure hope so. I'm on year 7 (or 8) of going for my 4 year degree. I have been blessed with lots of work experiences and some travel during these years, but I would also like to just "git er done" and move on with my education/work/life.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

juanita c

After a year and a half at my old apartment, I decided it was time for a move. I ventured a whole two blocks!! I love my neighborhood, and couldn't find any good reason to leave it.

Moving sucks. I solicited a few friends (koby and emily) to help carry books (i.e. I'll pick you up and bring you to the Y, if you run a backpack full of books with me to my new place). Another friend (jen) helped me load my moms car a half dozen times with bigger things (desk, turntables, boxes). And lastly, my "guys" (kevin and mike) helped move the couch. I'd consider it a "community" thing, that folks helped me move. Oh, and of course a big shout to my "other boys" (antonio and donald) for helping me clean!! I wouldn't have known where to start without you!

I got the keys to my new place October 15th. Unfortunately, it rained most of October, so I didn't get to move as much as I wanted (each day). It's now November 4th, and I'm all moved in. I haven't "unpacked" just yet, but it's on my "to-do" list.

I have a weird bed at the new place. It's a murphy bed, but rather than pulling down from the wall, it pulls out of the wall. It's cool, I guess, because then I never have to make my bed.... I just push it away. Jeez, I wish I could do that with other things in my life.... something is a mess (figuratively or literally) and I could just push it away and it's gone till I bring it back out again.

Anyhow, I was putting my new "bed" together, which meant putting on the electric mattress pad. If you live in the midwest and don't have one, I highly recommend it. I once dated a dude (kai) who slept on the porch of his house.... he said it was okay because he had a heated mattress pad. I refused (being the Indian Princess that I was) to sleep out there, but a few years later purchased my own mattress pad... it's amazing. You crank the heat 30 minutes before you get in bed, and it's like climbing into a womb. (....i could not, for the life of me think of a better analogy).

So as I was putting on my mattress pad the other day, I noticed a sticker. "Sewn by Juanita C". What?! For real? I felt sick. Maybe it's because my friend (sally) calls me Juantia 1-2-3? Nope. It's because "Jaunita C" is likely a part of foreign labor (and all the bad shit that you think it entails), which makes the concept a little more personal and a little more sad.

I'm not gonna lie. I wear clothes from the GAP. Most are from Jess or from the goodwill, but nonetheless, I know those close were made by some little honduran kid, or some underpaid Indian. I'd be willing to bet that a lot of my appliances are made under unfair labor practices. It would be hard buy/own things only made under humane and safe guidelines.

(I once had a coworker who said she didn't want to buy anything that wasn't made in America. Well, there goes the gas for your chevy, your clothes, your hair products, your wood floors, your coffee, your DIAMOND RING, etc....). It's damn near impossible to filter it all out, right?

I wonder why Jaunita C had to put her name on my mattress pad? Maybe she wanted to? Maybe no one else put their name on it, and she wanted to stand out from the crowd? Maybe her boss made her put her name on it. What happens if the blanket starts on fire, or worse... stops working in the middle of winter?! Do I call the company and ask to speak to Juanita C? I doubt it.

I have friends who are artists. When they paint or take pictures, they often add their signature to their work. Perhaps this is what Jaunita felt inclined to do? I'm not sure why, but for some reason, Jaunita C has been on my mind lately, making me look at what is right and what is wrong, and furthermore, what you can change and what you can't.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

a visit to my grandparents.

I went to visit my grandparent's today. They've been dead nearly 5 years. I realized this about a month ago... and it freaks me out. It doesn't seem like they've been gone that long. It still hurts, you know? I still miss them, everyday.

It was a beautiful day today. It was cold, about 40 degrees, but the sun was shining bright, making everything okay. I talked to my grandparents a little bit. Not a deep conversation or anything, just a quick hello and an "i miss you". And then some quiet time.

Someday, I hope to make my grandparent's proud of me. And not just proud cuz they're my grandparents, but proud because of my accomplishments.

(self portrait, 10.17.09)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

3.75 for a club soda... I should write a blog about that!

Most days, something happens and I think to myself, "I should write a blog about that". Most days however, I don't. Today is different.

Last night I went to Fine Line to see my friend Larry, aka Meta. Larry and I went fishing once this summer.... I don't recall catching anything, but it was fun to catch up with an old friend. He told me he's been rapping lately, and getting paid to do it. Damn, dude must be good, right? Yes. He is good, and extremely marketable.

Anyhow, Larry was playing a free show at Fine Line last night, so I did what any good friend would do.... I bit my tongue, crossed the river, and parked in downtown Minneapolis. My friend Amelia and I got there around 9:15 or 9:30.

"ID's, the dude behind the plexi-glass. We handed him our ID's. "Who are you hear to see", he asked? "Larry", I said. He didn't know who that was. "Meta", I told him.... kind of annoyed... who the fuck does it matter who we're seeing?

We go in and say hello to Larry. (note: I know Larry as Larry. We talked about it while we were fishing.... it's okay for me to still call him larry, cuz that's how I know him. Other people, people who know him for his rapping, they can/should call him Meta). We sat for a bit, and learned we'd have to wait an hour or two before he went on.

Drinks, we decided! I'm still on this "no drinking" thing. It's been 3 weeks and a day. (it's been an up and down ride.... mostly good.... just sort of a pain in the ass). Anyhow, Amelia ordered a Whiskey Sour. It was buy one get one free.... which is good, because the 2 she got maybe had a combined total of an ounce of shitty whiskey. Amelia headed back to the table, and I waited to order...

Still waiting....

A few minutes later, the (same) bartender approaches me. "I'll take a club soda please", I tell him. He (overfills) a 12 ounce plastic cup with ice. "I'm gonna have to charge you for this", he says. I figured as much, most places do. "2.75" he told me. Fuck, 2.75 for carbonated water? It better come with a happy ending.... or at least free refills. "Free refills right", I asked? "No sorry, but I guess I can it as a 2 for 1", he replied. Jackass.

I tipped a dollar, to ensure that I'd get a refill, since he made it seem like he was going out of his was to "hook me up", as the 2 for 1's were for cocktails and shots only.

I know I shouldn't complain. It was a free show. I got to see Larry, and hang out with Amelia. We played the "Marry, Fuck, Chuck" game. You name 3 things, and you have to marry one, fuck one, and chuck one. Here's an example that Amelia came up with....

Ice Cream, Chicken, and Diet Coke.

After some thought.... I decided to marry ice cream, fuck chicken, and chuck diet coke. Leaving the diet coke was a hard one, but life without chicken or ice cream would prove too devastating for me.

Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Micheal Jackson.

I'd marry Stevie (obviously), fuck Marvin Gaye, and chuck Micheal.

Larry asked, "But what about Micheal back in the day" (when he was black)? Ooooh... that changes things. In that case, I'd have to marry Stevie, fuck Michael, and chuck Marvin. Sad!

Anyhow, the night was good. In fact, yesterday in general was good! I went rock climbing at Vertical Endeavors with Brienn and Amelia. The last time I had been, I was 8 or 9 years old and it was a pathetic/horrible experience. Yesterday, it was great! We all made it to the top of the wall! Sushi followed climbing, which is always a good thing. And reruns of Boston Legal with Amelia's folks was kick ass as well.

Yesterday was a great day, despite my 3.75 club soda (2.75+ tip). It was awesome to see Larry in his element. I like the Fine Line, and have seen a few other really awesome shows there (Zap Mama and Sia come to mind). As soon as I sat down with my club soda last night, I told Amelia, "I should write a blog about this".

Monday, October 5, 2009

Minnesota Nice

There is such a thing as Minnesota nice, just not when it comes to drivers on the road.

A few weeks ago, I re-read "Staying the Course: A runner's toughest race" by Minnesota native, Dick Beardsley. I had read it some time ago, but figured since I'm on this "6-week-no-drinking-thing" I might as well start running again. And what easier way to start running again, than reading a book about running? Ha!

Anyhow, those who know me well, know that I start many things, and finish only some. (potential employers....feel free to omit this statement). Despite my Attention Deficit tendencies, I finished "Staying the Course" in a couple of days.

"Staying the Course" is about Dick Beardsley's rise, fall, and rise in the world of running. He started out a regular dude, living in the country, working a farm. He proceeded to be one of the fastest marathon runners in the world! His PR came in 1982 when he raced Alberto Salazar in the Boston Marathon. He ran 2:08:53.

Later in life, he got into a wicked farming accident. It had something to do with the "power take off", which I don't really understand, but from the description in his book, he got pretty banged up (i.e. broken ribs, broken arm, metal steak through his chest, and a leg nearly ripped off).

Shitty luck right? It get's worse. In the next couple of years, he ended up getting hit by a car, falling off a cliff, etc. It's amazing that he continued to bounce back... although by reading his book, I learned that both the physical and the mental recovery were aided by pain pills. This led to an addiction, which he has now overcome and been sober for over a decade!!

I often read in bed, hoping that the story/lesson/details will bore me to sleep. Such was not the case when reading "Staying the Course". I looked up Dick Beardsley shortly after finishing his book. When your search engine is on "auto", try typing in Dick Beardsley and the following things might pop up; additction, alberto salazar, boston, yasso, foundation, accident, motivational speaker.

I found out that he was on facebook, so I shot him a message. I let him know that I finished his book (for the second time) and that I really enjoyed it. I mentioned my goal of 6 weeks with no booze, and asked for some suggestions of other books I might read that deal with mental toughness, addiction and running. Although I don't think I'm addicted to booze, I think that reading about overcoming obstacles and finding balance can bring hope, and ideally a bit of guidance my way. At the very least, it can't hurt.

Dick wrote me back, and guess what he did? He offerred to send me a signed copy of his book! I already have the book though, so I asked if he'd send me a copy of his CD, "A matter of Faith" instead. Sure enough, he did! Although Dick lives in Texas now, and travels around the globe speaking about addiction and recovery, he seems to have retained his "Minnesota Nice".

Rarely am I proud to be an American. Often am I proud to be a Minnesotan. And always, yes always, am I delighted to be a Saint Paul Kid.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

growing power

I read this article this morning. It's about Will Allen's organization called Growing Power. It's based out of Milwaukee. He's planning a training center in Minneapolis, to help urban farmers. I think it's great, however, I felt inclined to write him a note with a few concerns/questions. See below. Also, if anyone knows how to get a plot at ayd mill road and hamline, let me know. It says to "ask a gardener", but last time I was there, the only farmer left before I could talk to him. Go figure....

Dear Mr Allen--

My name is asha. I live in st paul, minnesota. I was reading the star tribune this morning, and saw an article that Growing Power is coming to Minneapolis. I can't tell you how excited about this I am.

As a young woman of color, I really want to get involved in local/urban farming. One of the problems I have with this however, is there is a big divide in community plots and work. For example, the few urban gardens in st paul that I have seen are very segregated. One has gardeners from a primarily middle/upper class background, the majority of them being Caucasian. The other one, only about a mile away is mostly immigrants (first generation), where it is hard for me (an english only speaker) to learn more about their farming practices and interests.

I saw that an event is being held in St Paul next thursday. I was interested in attending, but it's too expensive for me. I hope that when your organization puts roots in this town, there will be some kind of outreach for young people and people of color.

I think that urban gardening is an incredible concept and movement, and I hope that you can help "bridge the gap" and make it accessible to all people, and perhaps work with community groups to make it more diverse as well.

If there is a way I could help in this, please let me know. I know a lot of people in similar situations as myself (i.e. brown, poor, hungry, etc) who want to be more involved in community development projects, but who are either intimidated (by the homogeneity of the group) or simply left out because they cannot afford to participate in something so organic.

Again, thank you for bringing your program to Minnesota. I look forward to seeing the impact and growth.


Sunday, September 20, 2009

road rage.

The other day, I was driving down lexington, about to cross over 94. The light turned yellow, a car was turning left, and I know for a fact that intersection has been home to many accidents... so i stopped.

A woman behind me honked and started yelling. My windows were rolled down, and I could clearly the words "fuck you, you fucking bitch" echo between our cars. "Whatever", I yelled back, annoyed that someone would curse at me, because I stopped to prevent hitting turning car. "You fucking bitch, I coulda made that light" yelled the woman in the Kia. I thought to myself, (really, you coulda made it....considering you were 10 feet behind me and even i would have been cutting it close). "Whatever lady" I hollered back. The light turned green, and as she yelled some more, she flicked me off, and swerved in front of me. "Bitch", I said to myself. We both turned left, and I planned on taking the frontage road rather than 94, but apparently she had the same plan. I took the freeway instead.

That was about a month ago. It still irks me. Why do people get so angry over the stupidest shit? I mean really lady, if I would have gone through the light, and you would have gone through as well, there's no doubt in my mind that the turning (left) car wouldn't have been hit. And that would have slowed us all down even more!!

Last week, I was driving into downtown st paul on kellog. I stopped ahead of the 35E interesection, because traffic ahead was backed up, and I didn't feel like being "that person" who gets stuck in the middle of the intersection when the light turns red. The car behind me honked.
I figured it wasn't directed to me, afterall, where was I supposed to go? The dude honked again, and I looked up. I raised my hand, asking "what"? And he motioned me forward. What a dufus.

Here's the kicker though... As this dude was all eager to get into downtown, so eagar that he had to honk at me to pull ahead just 10 feet or so....this mother effer pulls out a map or some sheet of paper and starts reading it while he's driving. C'mon dude! Really? And you know his dumb ass was more of a driving hazard than I was, as he was drifting into other lanes while reading his map. Stupid hypocrites.

I've been riding my bike more, not because of this road rage that I seem to be victim to lately, but because summer is ending and warm days will soon give way to frostbite and other winterous delights.

I guess that's about all I've got to report at the moment. Tomorrow I'm taking a break from booze, for 6 weeks. I made a "pact" with some of the guys at the pub to do this. We'll see how it goes. I think I can do fine without drinking, I just am not sure how tolerant of others obnoxious behavior I will be. It will be a test, of my patience and my determination. I think it will be good.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

need a photographer?

I'm available for hire in the following areas:


-sports (track and field/cross country are my favorite), but am flexible.
-portraits (senior/school pics, family, team/group).
-weddings (formal and informal).
-live music (from large hip hop shows to small cabaret shows).
-special events (parties, indoor and outdoor gatherings, etc...)
- anything else, let me know, and I will tell you if I am able.

educational based:

-childcare (am certified in first aid & adult CPR and am competent in infant and child CPR).
- tutor (subjects vary)
- several years working with developmentally disabled adults and children.
- assistant for elderly people (errands, cleaning, outings, card playing, etc...)

misc work:

-indoor painting
-yard work/grass cutting/raking/snow shoveling
-window washing
-car cleaning (inside and out)
-house cleaning (inside, mostly)
-boat cleaning (inside and outside, depending on size)

If you need work done, let me know. If I can do it, I will. If I can't, I will try to help you find someone who can. Pricing is negotiable, quality of work is not.

photos from the summer...

I sure do feel lame for not posting in over a month. I "borrow" my neighbors (unlocked) internet, so my connection is kind of hit or miss.

I figured the best way to "catch people up" on my shenanigans is through pictures.

A more more "wordy" blog will follow soon, for those who can read.

me, shameless at sally's party. (sept 09)
(photo by sally).

beautiful donna and beautiful sally (sept 09)

jamie and molly at sally's "radical" b-day party (sept 09).

bennny, eric, and nick (beer pong tourney, sept 09)

john and ian (2nd place in beer pong tourney).

benny and nick (beer pong champs) sept 09.

eric, the brains/organization of beer pong tourney (sept 09)

benny and nick. sept 09.

patriotic beer pong table, made by eric.
(custom designs are available for sale)

shoes on kai's boat (summer, 2009)

ang driving andy's boat along the mississippi (aug 09)

denisa (belly dancer) + mary and eric (the bewitched) aug, 09.

the bewitched, aug 09.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

2 things.

tonight i found 2 things...



i'm going to bed now, so i can rise "early" (9ish?) and have a full day.


Sunday, August 9, 2009

a month

it's been a month since i've last posted, which is really disappointing...

it's most likely cuz i haven't had stable internet.... (which makes playing facebook scrabble, writing blogs, downloading porn.... a bitch).

here's how i look at this exact moment.


i am on my friend kai's boat.

in the last 2 days, i have caught one fish, reconnected with a lady i hadn't seen in 10 years, and remembered how to play hearts.


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

cleaning out the house = free stuff for you!

I am doing some spring cleaning....(fashionably late, i know)...and have some stuff to get rid of. Have you done the same lately? If so, I'm looking for a few things.

What I have to give away....

A TON of clothes -- Lots of womens pants (size 4 or 6ish? maybe some 8's?), lots of t-shirts (mens and womens), tons of sweatshirts, athletic wear, a couple of skirts, lots of shoes mens size 7.5-8.5(mostly athletic shoes....some are stinky, also a few pair of high heels from high school). Ask...I likely have your size (in clothes). REALLY. I went through many stages (as a fashionista). :)
hats! (baseball, winter, beanies, fishing hats, etc.... lots!).
a 5 disc cd player (works well, remote included).
a hammond organ (bring 2 people to move it)
a TV stand (no thrills).
about 10 books that are paperback/abridged classics (good for elementary english). lots of other books too (at my moms).
SAT/ACT prep books
lots of CD'S (pop, rock, local, classical, jazz)
a lot of backpacks/slings/messenger bags/computer bags (targus)
alarm clock.
CD "books" (i.e. that hold 96 cd's, or 25cd's).
used posters (hendrix smoking a blunt, beastie boys, etc...)
an almost brand new "one love" bob marley cloth flag wall hanging thing (poster size).
a broken air conditioner... probably just needs a new filter? it's old school...
misc crap in my old room at my moms....has been untouched for the last several years.
2 thingys that you plug one into your computer, the other into your reciever... for wireless music connection! (old (hardly used), but works.... i just cant use it cuz i don't have stable internet).
a carseat.

Here's what I need...

a small couch/loveseat - easy enough to carry up 2 flights of NARROW stairs.
a small (no thrills) desk.
a serial number for adobe photoshop.
a heat shield for the catalytic converter (?) on a subaru legacy.
a part time job, or any misc work (yard work, housework, kid watching etc...)
old fishing equipment (lures, heavy rod/reel combo)
your old LP's (vinyl, wax, records... your age likely dictates what you call them).
a coat rack.
a coffee table, with a place under (?) it to set/store magazines, laptop, etc.
a running partner in st paul.
books (gardening, running, meditation, photography)or anything else you think I should read.
a tri-pod (and any misc Digital SLR stuff you may have, including lenses -- i can buy).

Now...the idea here (for me) is not to aquire a bunch of things....mostly I am trying to get rid of the clutter (at my place and my moms). However, the first 4 things in my "need" list, I am for sure trying to find for free/cheap.

Holler if you want to come take a look at what I'd like to give away. Neighborhoods and community are all about exchanging (information, treasures/trash, food, and love). Wont you be my neighbor?


Monday, July 6, 2009

today i thought of you....

Dear Chris--

This morning I went to Nina's for coffee, and then walked to Irvine Park to sit with Jen and do crossword puzzles. It was lovely.

On our walk back home, I saw this motorcycle and thought of you...

And I thought of the homie Elise Eijadi, as it seemed like a bike she would ride too.

(don't hate, cuz i thought of both a man and woman for the same bike.... it's so dope that it can be ridden by anyone.... kinda like yours truly. just kidding!)

Don't forget your helmet, friend(s).

Love asha.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of july.

a beautiful thing happened yesterday... a reunion of two comrades who hadn't seen each other in over 20 years. more on that (sooner than) later.

here are a few pics i took last night, while bouncing from boat to boat below harriet island. (sorry kai, i planned on staying at your boat to watch the fireworks, but unexpected things happened... see upcoming story).