Sunday, December 13, 2009

the brown cube

Sometimes, I can solve the brown cube. Other times, I cannot.

Often times, when I show the brown cube to others, they say "Ooh, I know who can solve that.... cuz he can solve a Rubik's cube like whoa".

And so they give it to the dude(s) who can solve a Rubik's cube, and the dude's (along with me) know that these two cubes are totally different in color/strategy/maneuverability. So they fuck with em for a minute, set them down, and go back to their Rubik's cube.

I'm impressed (?) with people who can do a Rubik's Cube. I am not impressed with people who assume the brown cube is solvable the same way as the Rubik's Cube.

Also, I am amused by the lack of effort/interest that Rubik's solvers give to the brown cube. If they can't solve it immediately (which is true...they can't), they put it down and go back to something they know they are good at.

Makes sense, I guess. Unless you wanna expand your "cube shaped activity nerdiness". I sure do.

me solving the brown cube. 12.13.09

I must say, however.... that I bought both a Rubik's cube and the Brown Cube because I fidget with my hands a lot. If I knew how to knit, I would likely knit enough blankets to keep a family warm...because my hands are always moving, messing with things, touching things, breaking things, etc. If someone wants to teach me how to knit, that would be great. In the mean time, I'll have to try a lil harder on my Rubik's Cube. So far, I can only get the White Side completed.


Don said...

love the brown cube blog. that cube had my number!

Greg said...

I don't think a Rubik cube unfolds like that!

Stephanie Zvan said...

I've bought "fidgets" before (my general name for the things we do to keep our hands occupied), but they gather dust. It turns out I think with my hands the way some people talk with theirs. I also can't write while music's playing, but I'm weird.

It makes sense, though, that the brown cube is nothing like the Rubik's cube. Solving the Rubik's cube is about figuring out how things have to move. Solving the brown cube (to my admittedly ignorant eye) is figuring out where things have to go.

I know some people who need that. Cool.

Anonymous said...

I had never heard of or seen the brown cube before. And I'm sure I would be horrible at solving it because the only way I've ever been able to solve Rubix cubes is to peel off the stickers and replace them with the desired effect. :)

Very impressive.

Jesse (Janette's just-as-good half)

Dines said...

Impressive work, very well done!

It's always nice to have something to fiddle with, with your hands, especially when doing some heavy thinking or learning :)

Rich said...

I strongly suspect that the Rubik's cube solvers who are not interested in even trying it are the ones who learned how to do it from a book.

I've never seen the brown cube. I'll have to check it out.

PaulG said...

Looks interesting. What color is the cube in the center?

Monica said...

Hey Asha

I didn't even know you had a blog! I am down with the brown cube!

asha. said...

@ dines-- i usually "fiddle" with the cube when watching football at the bar. i've never brought it to a class... i think it would be too distracting.

@ paul-- brown.

Bill James said...

Get a job!

asha. said...

@ bill james. amen! do you know anyone hiring?

sinned34 said...

That looks much more interesting than a Rubik's cube. Although I probably say that because I was never able to solve the Rubik's cube and gave up heartbroken twenty years ago!

rrp said...

That's extraordinary. Where do you find the brown cube?

asha. said...

@rrp- i got it at barnes and noble this summer/fall. i think it was 15 bucks.