Wednesday, July 8, 2009

cleaning out the house = free stuff for you!

I am doing some spring cleaning....(fashionably late, i know)...and have some stuff to get rid of. Have you done the same lately? If so, I'm looking for a few things.

What I have to give away....

A TON of clothes -- Lots of womens pants (size 4 or 6ish? maybe some 8's?), lots of t-shirts (mens and womens), tons of sweatshirts, athletic wear, a couple of skirts, lots of shoes mens size 7.5-8.5(mostly athletic shoes....some are stinky, also a few pair of high heels from high school). Ask...I likely have your size (in clothes). REALLY. I went through many stages (as a fashionista). :)
hats! (baseball, winter, beanies, fishing hats, etc.... lots!).
a 5 disc cd player (works well, remote included).
a hammond organ (bring 2 people to move it)
a TV stand (no thrills).
about 10 books that are paperback/abridged classics (good for elementary english). lots of other books too (at my moms).
SAT/ACT prep books
lots of CD'S (pop, rock, local, classical, jazz)
a lot of backpacks/slings/messenger bags/computer bags (targus)
alarm clock.
CD "books" (i.e. that hold 96 cd's, or 25cd's).
used posters (hendrix smoking a blunt, beastie boys, etc...)
an almost brand new "one love" bob marley cloth flag wall hanging thing (poster size).
a broken air conditioner... probably just needs a new filter? it's old school...
misc crap in my old room at my moms....has been untouched for the last several years.
2 thingys that you plug one into your computer, the other into your reciever... for wireless music connection! (old (hardly used), but works.... i just cant use it cuz i don't have stable internet).
a carseat.

Here's what I need...

a small couch/loveseat - easy enough to carry up 2 flights of NARROW stairs.
a small (no thrills) desk.
a serial number for adobe photoshop.
a heat shield for the catalytic converter (?) on a subaru legacy.
a part time job, or any misc work (yard work, housework, kid watching etc...)
old fishing equipment (lures, heavy rod/reel combo)
your old LP's (vinyl, wax, records... your age likely dictates what you call them).
a coat rack.
a coffee table, with a place under (?) it to set/store magazines, laptop, etc.
a running partner in st paul.
books (gardening, running, meditation, photography)or anything else you think I should read.
a tri-pod (and any misc Digital SLR stuff you may have, including lenses -- i can buy).

Now...the idea here (for me) is not to aquire a bunch of things....mostly I am trying to get rid of the clutter (at my place and my moms). However, the first 4 things in my "need" list, I am for sure trying to find for free/cheap.

Holler if you want to come take a look at what I'd like to give away. Neighborhoods and community are all about exchanging (information, treasures/trash, food, and love). Wont you be my neighbor?


Monday, July 6, 2009

today i thought of you....

Dear Chris--

This morning I went to Nina's for coffee, and then walked to Irvine Park to sit with Jen and do crossword puzzles. It was lovely.

On our walk back home, I saw this motorcycle and thought of you...

And I thought of the homie Elise Eijadi, as it seemed like a bike she would ride too.

(don't hate, cuz i thought of both a man and woman for the same bike.... it's so dope that it can be ridden by anyone.... kinda like yours truly. just kidding!)

Don't forget your helmet, friend(s).

Love asha.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of july.

a beautiful thing happened yesterday... a reunion of two comrades who hadn't seen each other in over 20 years. more on that (sooner than) later.

here are a few pics i took last night, while bouncing from boat to boat below harriet island. (sorry kai, i planned on staying at your boat to watch the fireworks, but unexpected things happened... see upcoming story).