Wednesday, July 8, 2009

cleaning out the house = free stuff for you!

I am doing some spring cleaning....(fashionably late, i know)...and have some stuff to get rid of. Have you done the same lately? If so, I'm looking for a few things.

What I have to give away....

A TON of clothes -- Lots of womens pants (size 4 or 6ish? maybe some 8's?), lots of t-shirts (mens and womens), tons of sweatshirts, athletic wear, a couple of skirts, lots of shoes mens size 7.5-8.5(mostly athletic shoes....some are stinky, also a few pair of high heels from high school). Ask...I likely have your size (in clothes). REALLY. I went through many stages (as a fashionista). :)
hats! (baseball, winter, beanies, fishing hats, etc.... lots!).
a 5 disc cd player (works well, remote included).
a hammond organ (bring 2 people to move it)
a TV stand (no thrills).
about 10 books that are paperback/abridged classics (good for elementary english). lots of other books too (at my moms).
SAT/ACT prep books
lots of CD'S (pop, rock, local, classical, jazz)
a lot of backpacks/slings/messenger bags/computer bags (targus)
alarm clock.
CD "books" (i.e. that hold 96 cd's, or 25cd's).
used posters (hendrix smoking a blunt, beastie boys, etc...)
an almost brand new "one love" bob marley cloth flag wall hanging thing (poster size).
a broken air conditioner... probably just needs a new filter? it's old school...
misc crap in my old room at my moms....has been untouched for the last several years.
2 thingys that you plug one into your computer, the other into your reciever... for wireless music connection! (old (hardly used), but works.... i just cant use it cuz i don't have stable internet).
a carseat.

Here's what I need...

a small couch/loveseat - easy enough to carry up 2 flights of NARROW stairs.
a small (no thrills) desk.
a serial number for adobe photoshop.
a heat shield for the catalytic converter (?) on a subaru legacy.
a part time job, or any misc work (yard work, housework, kid watching etc...)
old fishing equipment (lures, heavy rod/reel combo)
your old LP's (vinyl, wax, records... your age likely dictates what you call them).
a coat rack.
a coffee table, with a place under (?) it to set/store magazines, laptop, etc.
a running partner in st paul.
books (gardening, running, meditation, photography)or anything else you think I should read.
a tri-pod (and any misc Digital SLR stuff you may have, including lenses -- i can buy).

Now...the idea here (for me) is not to aquire a bunch of things....mostly I am trying to get rid of the clutter (at my place and my moms). However, the first 4 things in my "need" list, I am for sure trying to find for free/cheap.

Holler if you want to come take a look at what I'd like to give away. Neighborhoods and community are all about exchanging (information, treasures/trash, food, and love). Wont you be my neighbor?


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