Friday, December 18, 2009

Imma Student

Dude comes up to me and a friend last night at the Bar. (no....this is not the start of a joke).

Dude comes up and says hi to my buddy, and then introduces himself to me. I happen to be wearing my 3 dollar "U of M" beanie. Often times, people ask if I go to the U (when I wear the hat), and I say "I got this hat for 3 dollars at Marshalls, that's why I wear it, I don't feel like giving the University any more of my money".

Dude last night see's my hat and asks "So...are you a fan or do you just want to look like a gangster"?

"Imma student", I said. His question (and my answer) pissed me off. Mostly his question though.

I was obviously annoyed by his ignorance, and said something to my friend Mike (who was sitting with me). Mike said, "Well, maybe it's because you have a black hat and a black sweater on". Yeah....I'm sure. I've wearing a fucking Merino Wool sweater from J. Crew (thanks Dan Hartnett, for washing/drying/shrinking it so I could have it).

Anyway, this guy ended up getting 86'd (aka kicked out) from the pub after a while. Good. Now I don't have to defend myself as a student anymore.

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