Monday, December 14, 2009

Stuck (in the snow)

I went with Ethan to Clouds in Water today, for a noon sit. It was good, minus "My Cheri Amor" running through my head most of the time.

As we were getting ready to walk into the meditation center, we saw a big VW Bus/Van thing that was stuck in the snow along side of the road. A dude (who we decided was British, because he looked like a emo/rocker) tried to push the lady's vehicle out of the snow. Two runners came and joined him. This went on for about a minute, as Ethan and I sat in the car, deciding if we should help or if we'd just be in the way. After a minute, one of the runners (in his expensive spandex/neoprene/wind-proof/waterproof/nuclear disaster proof outfit) fell into the snowbank because he pushed so hard and lost his footing. Upset (and probably feeling salty), he yelled a bit and ran off with his partner in tow.

Ethan and I looked at each other and said "Fuck that". The Brit was still helping push, and his set of skinny legs was not going to be enough to move that van. We jumped out of Ethan's car and went to help. Another guy joined in the pushing, while Ethan went to the coffee shop to get a shovel. Between the 3 of us pushing (and Ethan being the logical one to get the shovel) we managed to get this lady unstuck.

One thing I love about winter, is the many opportunities to help others. The lady in the van was from the Yacht Club, and here we were (Ethan, the Brit, the scruffy dude, and me) all together, trying to make shit happen.

I'm sure the eurovan/yacht lady was happy that we got her unstuck. I was happy that we (as a group of strangers) put aside our going-ons to do something nice for someone else. Ethan was happy that he didn't have to shovel. Today was good.


Curtis said...

I popped over from Greg Laden's blog. I really enjoy your comments and photography.

asha. said...

thanks curtis!