Sunday, September 20, 2009

road rage.

The other day, I was driving down lexington, about to cross over 94. The light turned yellow, a car was turning left, and I know for a fact that intersection has been home to many accidents... so i stopped.

A woman behind me honked and started yelling. My windows were rolled down, and I could clearly the words "fuck you, you fucking bitch" echo between our cars. "Whatever", I yelled back, annoyed that someone would curse at me, because I stopped to prevent hitting turning car. "You fucking bitch, I coulda made that light" yelled the woman in the Kia. I thought to myself, (really, you coulda made it....considering you were 10 feet behind me and even i would have been cutting it close). "Whatever lady" I hollered back. The light turned green, and as she yelled some more, she flicked me off, and swerved in front of me. "Bitch", I said to myself. We both turned left, and I planned on taking the frontage road rather than 94, but apparently she had the same plan. I took the freeway instead.

That was about a month ago. It still irks me. Why do people get so angry over the stupidest shit? I mean really lady, if I would have gone through the light, and you would have gone through as well, there's no doubt in my mind that the turning (left) car wouldn't have been hit. And that would have slowed us all down even more!!

Last week, I was driving into downtown st paul on kellog. I stopped ahead of the 35E interesection, because traffic ahead was backed up, and I didn't feel like being "that person" who gets stuck in the middle of the intersection when the light turns red. The car behind me honked.
I figured it wasn't directed to me, afterall, where was I supposed to go? The dude honked again, and I looked up. I raised my hand, asking "what"? And he motioned me forward. What a dufus.

Here's the kicker though... As this dude was all eager to get into downtown, so eagar that he had to honk at me to pull ahead just 10 feet or so....this mother effer pulls out a map or some sheet of paper and starts reading it while he's driving. C'mon dude! Really? And you know his dumb ass was more of a driving hazard than I was, as he was drifting into other lanes while reading his map. Stupid hypocrites.

I've been riding my bike more, not because of this road rage that I seem to be victim to lately, but because summer is ending and warm days will soon give way to frostbite and other winterous delights.

I guess that's about all I've got to report at the moment. Tomorrow I'm taking a break from booze, for 6 weeks. I made a "pact" with some of the guys at the pub to do this. We'll see how it goes. I think I can do fine without drinking, I just am not sure how tolerant of others obnoxious behavior I will be. It will be a test, of my patience and my determination. I think it will be good.

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