Wednesday, September 16, 2009

photos from the summer...

I sure do feel lame for not posting in over a month. I "borrow" my neighbors (unlocked) internet, so my connection is kind of hit or miss.

I figured the best way to "catch people up" on my shenanigans is through pictures.

A more more "wordy" blog will follow soon, for those who can read.

me, shameless at sally's party. (sept 09)
(photo by sally).

beautiful donna and beautiful sally (sept 09)

jamie and molly at sally's "radical" b-day party (sept 09).

bennny, eric, and nick (beer pong tourney, sept 09)

john and ian (2nd place in beer pong tourney).

benny and nick (beer pong champs) sept 09.

eric, the brains/organization of beer pong tourney (sept 09)

benny and nick. sept 09.

patriotic beer pong table, made by eric.
(custom designs are available for sale)

shoes on kai's boat (summer, 2009)

ang driving andy's boat along the mississippi (aug 09)

denisa (belly dancer) + mary and eric (the bewitched) aug, 09.

the bewitched, aug 09.

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