Friday, July 1, 2011

My morning soundtrack....and weekend plans

Woke up, took a shower, and this song was in my head....

Which I thought was funny....because I feel much more like this....


Sad day.  So what else could be on my soundtrack for today? 


Better...I guess.

I am going up north tomorrow morning.  To my grandparents cabin, actually!!  I'm really excited.  I haven't been up there for years!  Andy Wilbourn and I are going...which is great to go camping with someone who knows what they're doing in the woods.  (Yes...we are camping at the cabin...that way we don't mess anything up).  We had hoped to camp at a state park, but low and behold, the Minnesota State Government has shut down.

Regardless, I'm excited to fish off the dock, go explore the woods, check out the other lake my family owns (I remember going there only one time, so there's lots of learning to do).  I'm pumped to walk the trail that my gramma loved to walk.  

I was talking to a coworker yesterday, and said that if there was any one place I felt the most close to my grandparents, I think it would be the cabin.  

We leave Saturday morning, and return Monday early afternoon so I can get to my moms 4th of July Party (which for her is more important than xmas, not because she's super patriotic, but because it's when our family used to always get together-- when my grandparents were alive-- and go to Saint Anthony Park for the parade and BBQ).  It's an important day for my mom, and I'm glad to be a part of it.

Our summer program at work starts on Tuesday, which means we've been working hard to get everything ready.  I'm excited to get going on things!  I'm hoping it will be a good's been a (personal) challenge so far (I was sick for a month)... so anything really is better.

Things I need this summer: cool friends to hang out with (especially ones who like to run, meditate, practice yoga, and don't spend a lot of time/money/energy around booze).  Oh, I also like to BBQ so I want to find more folks who are into that too.  And people to go to coffee shops with, and sit around at a park and read books or watch my pathetic attempts at drawing.  Oh yes, and photographers.  I know my new friend Tom has been wanting to do a night shoot...I need to take him up on it!  Oh yes...and I want a fishing buddy.  Duh.

I realize I can do all of this stuff on my own...but life sure seems more fun with it's enjoyed with other people.  I've done a poor job of reaching out to friends so far this summer (except in the last week), and it's something I want to do more of-- not reach out because shit hits the fan, but reach out because there are people in this world who I love (and I think love me) that we could grow together as friends and do positive things in, with, and for our community...or something like that.

Happy holiday weekend y'all.  Be safe!

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Greg said...

I can cover the coffee shops and the BBQ.