Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Song of the Day (and other ramblings)

Woke up at 5am today.  Was at the gym by 5:35.  Got in a short run and a good lift.  Home now.

Song of my day...

I saw Lauryn Hill perform this January.  She puts on a good show.  A real good show.

I saw Sia perform for the 3rd time (in my life) last Friday.  She is hilarious.  I want to hang out with people like her...funny people, who ask for gifts, and shove them down their pants once they get them.
I don't have much to say.  I need to shower and get to work. 

Oh...I entered in the lottery for the Twin Cities 10 mile race this fall, and I got in!  That's great...gives me something to look forward to and work towards.  I don't remember my time from last year's 10 mile...it was something like 81 minutes, or close to it.  My goal was to run faster than 80.  I did stop for a mimosa at mile 8, which I honestly don't think slowed me down.  If anything, the extra carbs helped get me to the end quicker!  My goal this year is the same...to run a sub 8 pace.  I think I can do it, if I continue to train and stay semi-disciplined. 

My neighbor saw me running on Summit the other day, and said I run like a gazelle.  I had to laugh, because when I ran at Central, my friend's dad said I ran like a deer, to which my friend replied, "You run like a deer that's been hit by a car."  That is because when I ran, my left wrist was limp (probably because I wasn't very strong).  I suppose I did look like a wounded deer.... skinny legs, big belly, and antlers coming out of my head.

Holy smokes....I'm tired, and rambling.  Time to shower, eat, and gitter done.  

To those who read this blog, enjoy life.  We've only got one chance.  Happy Tuesday.

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