Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Tuesday July 12, 2011

5:00am- Alarm goes off
5:09am- Alarm goes off
5:10am- I get out of bed
5:30am- J and I arrive/workout at the YMCA
6:50am- I arrive at Kowalskis to get Drain-O for my bathroom sink.  Also purchase 2 frozen burritos, a bag of cherries, a 12 pack of soda water, and a newspaper.
7:00am- "You Got It" by Bonnie Raitt plays on the stereo (at Kowalskis)
7:01am- I am brought back to when I was in 5th grade and listened to the "Boys on the Side" soundtrack on repeat.  It makes me smile.
7:58am- Getting dressed and ready to go to the bank to see about a loan for a houseboat.  
7:59am- Wish me luck.

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