Monday, December 1, 2008

Things that I love

Tis the season to be thankful, merry, and reflective. It's also hockey season.

I thought I would jot a quick list of the things that I love, before I get going on my school work...

I love the following things (in no specific order):

hockey season, friends, the pub, winter beers, old vinyl records, heiruspecs, value thrift, libraries, christmas lights, challenging professors, white russians, slippers with rubber soles, and time alone or time with others.

Oh yeah, and Legos. I love them.

The semester is over in a couple weeks. Lots of work to do until then.

p.s. Pi has officially closed. It's too bad they didn't get enough money fundraised, but hopefully they will find some better luck soon, and get a new place up and running. Maybe it could be called "Big Sally's Bar". Oh yeah, my girl sally is doing much better after her surgery... glad you are healing up, homie.

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