Monday, December 15, 2008


The long awaited Heiruspecs show was this saturday. It was amazing. I got a new camera (the D60), and just shouted "media, media!" and made my way to the front. It was weird... usually people aren't so nice...but I guess when you have a nice camera in hand, the believe you really are with "the media". Someday.

I'll post a couple pics from the show. I'd like to post more, but I've got a paper due by 5pm tonight, and I haven't started it. Go figure.

In all, I took about 350 shots. It will take some time to go through them, edit them, etc... but I will put more up as time becomes available. Feedback on photos is definitely welcome(d).


leigh, kareem, brad, keith

muad'dib (john), felix (chris)

(good) energy

josh peterson


zach (of Kanser)

p.s. blogspot has destroyed the picture quality. i'd recommend clicking on the picture, to see a bigger, better representation.

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skv said...

yo photographa! i'm diggin' the 'andy' and 'zach' pics a lot. work that camera, woman.