Tuesday, December 30, 2008

beginning of the week, end of the year

I should be doing homework right now... but I left my bag in the car, and it's cold outside, and I'm just making excuses. I'll get the bag after I write this post.

Today is tuesday. I went to Landfill Records today, and got the following albums:

carlos santana- love, devotion, surrender
mahalia jackson- live in europe
pat benatar- live from earth
sergio mendes- home cooking
mahalia jackson- right out of church
mahalia jackson- great songs of love and faith
the time- ice cream castle
constantino "mixmaster" podovano- viva ibiza
frank sinatra- sinatra special
roberta flack- killing me softly

i'm pretty pumped about these finds. they seem to be a random mix of things, which is fine... today i'm feeling random.

In other news... my gramma died 3 days and 4 years ago. On thursday, my grampa will have been gone for 4 years. It's wild how they "went" so close together. I guess that's what happens when you are with someone (in marriage) for 66 years. You become attached.

I bought some whiskey, to drink on thursday, in honor (rememberance) of my grampa. Jen and I played cards the other night, with thoughts of my gramma. Grampa used to drink shitty whiskey. I couldn't subject myself to "ancient age", so I took a (small) step up in quality. Too bad he didn't drink good beer, or single malt scotch, or top shelf anything. Oh well. Ancient age, dried toast, a big belly... all those things made him who he was.

I'm listening to that santana album right now. It's weird. The first song is "love supreme", which is cool to hear his take on it, but then he gets all "santana-ish", but not like you hear now days, but the old santana, like 1973 santana.

I'm bumbling, rambling, teetering.... no not teetering. I'm bored. Tomorrow is new years eve. I think I'm going to Bobbi and Linda's house for a while, and then I have no idea. A year ago, I was in Tahoe, snowboarding down a mountain.... and then wiped out and got a concussion. Head injuries....never fun. No snowboarding for me this year, not yet anyway. I haven't played any hockey either, mostly because it's been so cold outside.... but really, i need to get my skates out and just go. Anyone want to join?

Happy new year everyone. Be smart/safe.

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