Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I'm in the market for a new camera. A dSLR. I've got a decent "point and shoot" camera right now, but I borrowed a friends "Nikon D60" a couple of months ago, and I loved it. Right now, I'm leaning towards the Canon Rebel Xsi. It's probably the most popular right now, and while I like the feel of the D60 a little better, I do like the software that comes with the Canon. Both are wicked expensive (when you consider bills that need paying, etc...). So we'll see what I end up getting.

The heiruspecs show is on Saturday. I'm flippin stoked! They've been all over the media, including the cover story of City Pages. I kind of want to have a new camera by then, so I can get some good shots of the guys.

Speaking of the city pages and good's a photo worth noting. Click here to see the whole slideshow.

The Kredentials are playing tonight at Turf Club for reloaded wednesdays. I'm thinking of heading that way, if I can get my brown ass to the Y and on a treadmill before hand.

Last sunday, after the Vikings game, I perused the bar and got 15 of the "regulars" to sign up for "pub secret santa". I'm pumped. It was a fun day, until lil Jim had a 5 minute long seizure. It was really scary. I will say however, that everyone at the pub did a really amazing job of reacting fast and getting help. I had trouble sleeping that night... but I think I am getting back to normal. That's good, since I'm a total bitch when I am not well rested or well fed.

Oh yeah, also worth mentioning.... yesterday was my last day of classes (for the semester). I've got a couple of papers due next week, and that is all.

I really want to go to sakura right now, for their kick ass happy hour.... but I really should do something more productive with my day. Something like...?

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