Thursday, December 11, 2008

the beholder's eye

So I've been on this "hunt" for the perfect camera. I went to school this morning to sell back my science book, and then went to borders to look at photography books. From what I understand, the lenses are more important than the actual camera itself. Does this mean I should get the Nikon D60 and spend the difference on a decent lens? Or should I get the Xsi and get an extra lens? And, which lens should I get? A telephoto, wide-angle, fish-eye, macro? Fuck! So many options. I guess first I need to know what I want to shoot. As of now, I want to shoot live music, friends, family, and everyday shit that strikes my fancy.

Okay, so a dSLR is going to cost me a lot of money. More than I want to spend. However, I know I can learn to take some sick shots with it, once I get used to it and study it for a while. Here's the thing. I never really gave my current "point and shoot" camera a fair chance. Sure, I took it with me on occasion, and would click the shutter button when I felt like there was potential for a decent shot. But I never really got to know it, understand it, and be proud of it. And certainly it never became an extension of my arm (like some photographers claim).

Lately, I've been pretty sure that I need a Digital SLR Camera, in order to take good photographs. Afterall, those crummy point and shoots can't really capture magnificence... can they? OMFG, they can!! Well, if the person behind the camera knows what they are doing.

My homegirl Sally has been taking pictures for quite a while. She uses a regular old point and shoot digital camera (a Canon SD850, actually). And she turns out some bangin shit! For real. I found these on her facebook page, and she gave me the ok to post them on here. So... here's some of sally's shots, making me re-think the need for a dSLR. Is spending a grand on a camera going to give me a "better eye"? Unfortunately not. Is learning how to take good photos with a point and shoot going to produce better images than I could create with a dSLR? I don't know. In the meantime....please enjoy the following magic, by my friend and inspiration, Miss Sally Nixon.

dancing at agape


dancer at powderhorn

zap mama in new york

sally's beautiful brothers

miss sally herself.

Daaamn! See what I mean? This woman has wicked talent. Even the pictures she takes on her camera phone are better than anything I've ever taken (with any camera). I hate to say it, but I'm thinking I should work harder at learning how my current camera works, and how I can create more powerful images. And maybe then I would be deserving of an dSLR camera. Or not. We'll see. Often times, I can be erratic with my electronic/gadget purchases. I've been researching Digital SLR cameras for quite a while now, but I have a feeling that when I end up getting one, it will be on an impulse. Spontaneity isn't always bad.

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skv said...

asha, love. i feel so super honored and flattered and a little tiny bit embarrassed... (just 'cause i'm not used to such mad and wonderful props like that). you sure know how to make a girl feel special, and it helps in my (many) days that i feel like i have NO CLUE what i'm doing... let's definitely have a camera play date sometime. k? k. i think you already have the eye for creativity and brilliance! lovelove, sis.