Thursday, January 1, 2009

my grampa

today makes 4 years since my grampa died. jeez. it feels like it's been less than a year.

i drank whiskey tonight, in his honor. (and yes, i did pour a little out for him). i was planning on having some english muffin toast, the dried out stuff.... but it wasn't at the store. oh well. maybe next time.

i miss my grampa. every day. it doesn't get easier, but it does get more bearable, meaning i don't want to just curl up and disappear every time i miss him. i just want to curl up with him.... what a sweetheart.

today i rocked his pink striped button up shirt. i miss him. and my gramma too.

tonight jen and i toasted (with not-so-great whiskey) to my grampa. I said, "cheers, to my grampa, my best friend in the whole wide world". I think he's looking down on me. I hope he's proud.

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