Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Last week, Elise Ejadi told me about an event that her friend Elisea was hosting. With little convincing, Jen and I both agreed to do it. Photos will be online soon, according to Elisea's website.

The bartender last night was so frickin cute. He took a bunch of pics of Jen and I while we had some down time. Here are some of them...

she's always picking on me

but then we make up

I'm excited for the professional photos to come out! Many thanks to Elise for inviting me to participate in something new and different. It was fun.

Tonight Kristina is coming over to cook for me. Actually, we will both be cooking. I cooked for Ryan the other night.... and he did a sinkfull of dishes. What a nice guy.

Hope everyone is well. It's freezing here in saint paul.... windchill is like negative 30. Yuck. Good thing I've been inside all day.

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