Monday, October 3, 2011

The Shoe Project

There's a stereotype about women and shoes.  Being the obedient woman that I am (insert sarcasm among other things here), I do have quite a number a shoes.  While I don't have flats, pumps, or wedges... I do have plenty of running, casual, and awesome shoes. 

Some folks keep their shoes in the closet.  Others on shoe racks, doormats, shelves, or bins.  I keep several pairs by the door, but the rest I keep in my kitchen drawers.  In talking with a friend of mine, I learned not only that it's weird to keep shoes in your kitchen drawers, but also was challenged on if I wear all of these shoes or not.  "Yes I do" I immediately thought.  But in truth, I probably don't.

And so started "The Shoe Project."  Each day, for the month of October (conveniently one of the longer months), I will wear a different pair of shoes.  I realize this makes me seem like a materialistic, rich, jerkface, but rest assured... I'm not.  I just happen to have a lot of shoes, many I got on a big discount.  And..."a lot" of shoes is relative, right?  I mean, "a lot" to some folks might mean in the hundreds.  "A lot" to others may mean 10.  I think I'm somewhere around 30.  Maybe more, I'm not sure.  

Everyday, I plan to take a picture of my shoes and post it on facebook for my friend to see.  I was thinking this afternoon, while fishing with another friend of mine, that maybe I should post them on my blog too.  Here is day 1-3.  I'll update the blog as often as I can.  

October 1, 2011.  Stinky running shoes that matched the pink bra I wore while volunteering at a bike race.

October 2, 2011. Back of right shoe is tainted with bike grease.

October 3, 2011.  Fishing Lake Nokomis in sandals.  Caught nothing.


Greg said...

wait a minute ... how many kitchen drawers to you have?

asha shoffner said...

With shoes in them? Seven? And then there's some on top of the top shelf. I should probably just take pictures....