Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Spoonful of Peanut Butter

Helps the medicine go down?  Well...kind of.

Some mornings, J and I go to the gym.  We usually do 30 minutes of cardio, and then follow it up with 60 or so minutes of lifting.  It's a drag to get there some mornings, but once we get going, it's great.

I'm the kind of person who needs a lil something in my belly before I can run around.  When I run a race (like this coming Sunday, actually), I like to eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich about 2 hours before race time.  If we get to the gym by 6 or 6:30am, there's no way I'm getting up 2 hours earlier.  I tend to rise about half an hour before needing to be at the gym, and finding nutrients is always a fun thing.

I'd say my go-to pre workout food is a spoonful of peanut butter.  Anything more, and I'll get a stomach ache.  Anything less, and I'll feel dizzy and weak.  Oh, and when I remember, I also take a scoop of N.O Xplode in a glass of water.  Apparently it's supposed to make me stronger.  We'll see.

Now that I need to be really mindful of my spending, I need some more food suggestions.  A week or so ago, I was with some folks who posed the question "What would you eat if you were homeless and only had 2 dollars a day?"  Another person took this down the route of "And you were homeless, on drugs, addicted to alcohol, etc..." Being stubborn/defensive, I of course had to chime in and say that not all homeless people are addicts.  But that's not the point of this story... The point is, what would you eat on 2 dollars a day?  I know people survive on less than that, but let's just start with this for the sake of the story.

If I only had 14 dollars a week to spend on food, I would probably go to Mississippi Market to get some grains.  I would likely get granola, brown rice, and maybe some quinoa or barley.  I'd also get some dried beans for protein.  I'd then head to super target or rainbow for some fruit and veggies (whatever was in season and the cheapest).  If I had any money left over, I would buy a bucket of ice cream.

A friend and I are supposed to sit down any day now, and talk about how to eat on a budget.  I did buy a book a few months ago on that same topic, but that was when I was gainfully employed and "eating on a budget" was more of a choice than a necessity.  I'm not down to the $2 a day thing yet, but I think it's important to think about how to stay fueled without breaking the bank....and doing so especially as someone who is active most days and needs adequate protein, nutrients, etc. 

Suggestions are encouraged from foodies, athletes, starving artists and moms.  All other opinions/suggestions are welcomed as well.  Thanks!

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