Friday, October 14, 2011

Things That Need to Change

First things first.  A photo of today's shoes.  

October 13, 2011.

This has now become some kind of a game...planning what shoes to wear so I don't run out of "casual" shoes for work.  This weekend will be mostly running shoes/sneakers.  Woot!  I kind of like this game.

Anyhow....things need to change.  Here are a few things that I will do:

1. Workout in the morning.  Consistently.  Even when I don't want to.... I need get out of bed, throw on a bra, and get my brown ass out the door.  It's time to get ripped!! 

2. Play more music.  Write it down, sing loudly, get a 6th string for my guitar, and get a new keyboard.

3. Go to an al-anon meeting.  I'm nobody's bitch.

4. Find more work.  25 hours a week won't pay the bills.  

5. If #4 doesn't work, join the army.

6. If #5 doesn't work, move to India, look for my birth parents, and do volunteer work.

7. Start taking vitamins....because ice cream, waffles, peanut butter and beer do not provide a balanced diet (contrary to what I keep telling people). 

8. Go camping.

9. Get health insurance so I can get an MRI for my shoulder.

10. Get health insurance so I can continue to play rough.  

11. Quit listening to Adele.  If I had her on wax, I'd have ruined the record by now.  It's time for new music.  Suggestions are are mix cd's.  

12. Clean my apartment.  Make it shine!  Or at least pick the clothes up off the closet floor.

13.  Start doing the crossword puzzle again. 

14. Go to church.  I don't have to believe in it (church)...but like Buddha (and some others)'s not about the's the journey.  

15.  Start running outside more, so my lungs don't get that uncomfortable-feel-like-I'm-bleeding-in-my throat sensation when running outdoors this winter.

16. Talk to my mom more.  I miss her.  I miss my sister too.  I need to make a better effort to communicate with them.  I know this.  And so do they.  

17. Quit spending money....why by organic when I do so many other "bad" things for/to myself (i.e. occasionally use a microwave, loving high fructose corn syrup, talking on a cell phone while driving, etc).  

18. Get a reasonable amount of sleep.  Ha!

19. Take more photos.

It's midnight now.  My goal is to get up semi early, get to el gymnasio, and be done by 8ish so I can have a phone date with one of my go-to dudes.  I'm sure there's more to add to this list...but I can't think of anything right now.  I just know I need to make some changes.  I will make them, cuz lately (minus the cool new job), things have sucked.  And when things suck, they are not sustainable (except for the bush administration, but that's a whole different story).  I need to make the plans, take the steps, and have the courage to get things done.

20.  Oh yeah.... and learn how to skateboard properly. 

21.  And walk in heels.

22.  Damn.  And my schoolwork.  Hmph.

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april torzewski said...

Hey Asha, I stumbled upon your blog...looking forward to reading more in the future. It's lovely to have insight into your life and thoughts. I just started doing a bit of blogging too, it's definitely a dicipline. Looking forward to more reading...
(mine is bravawine @ wordpress...that's my little company)