Thursday, January 6, 2011


I just filled up my ice cube tray with (brita) filtered water.
I got frustrated today, because I wasn't practicing loving kindness towards myself.
That reminded me of an Alanis Morrisette song.  You know the one.
I just poured a shot of Makers Mark, with 2 ice cubes (from a bag, not the ice cube tray).
I finally got a new journal.
It's not the one I wanted, but I don't care.  It's a close second.
I've been listening to Florence and the Machine Lately.
I'm going to the Lauryn Hill concert in a couple weeks.  
I doubt she (Lauryn) is worth the money.
You only live once.
I've been fighting off a winter funk.
I can feel it trying to creep up on me.  What a creep.  
I was supposed to run a half marathon in Saint Paul on January 29.
That's crazy. 
I wrote to the race director and am getting my registration changed to the 10k.
I lost weight over the winter holiday.
I might be the only person I know who can say that.
I wish it was summer and I was fishing.
Today is January 6.  There are several months till summer.  
I need to start being more creative.
This means taking more photos.
Writing more music.
Writing more in general.
And perhaps doing some visual art.
I suck at visual art.
That's beside the point.
I want to cut my hair short.
I'm trying to wait until it's long enough to donate.
I don't like waiting.
I got a pair of dangling earrings for xmas.
I've been wearing them with a merino wool beanie.  
It works.
I want to go to more potlucks.
There's a potluck tonight.
I'm skipping it.
I might go to the pub instead.
I feel like I should write.
The kind of writing that is too close to my heart to share.
In trying to balance heart and mind, I've forgotten body and soul.

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