Friday, January 21, 2011

Baby it's cold outside!!

Okay so here's the deal-- I woke up this morning and it was negative 15 degrees outside.  Negative 10?  And don't get me started with the windchill.  I don't know exact numbers, I tried to block them out of my mind.  Either was ass cold (yes, that is a meteorological term). 

Anyhow, this evening after work, I went home and checked my mailbox (it's a weekly chore).  In there was a sierra trading post I started looking online (at, because apparently a catalog won't cut it) and here's what I found.

I want to buy it, and cut 4 holes in it.  2 for my arms and 2 for my legs.  I'd wear it everywhere.

Baby it's cold outside....just sayin!


Greg said...


You don't have to cut holes in it. Just figure out how to locomote while in it. Maybe a pogo stick.

Anonymous said...

My Mom can make You what she calls a 'squirrel suit' Just a big cozy sack with sleeves and holes for Your head and neck... She made Eboun one a while back, ask her about it..??