Tuesday, May 26, 2009

up north

There's something really appealing about going "up north". Where up north? It doesn't matter. So long as it has that "up north" feel to it. It probably takes away from that "feeling" to describe it, but perhaps its useful to write it out anyway (in hopes I can find these stimuli closer to home).

up north =

1. trees. lots of big tress.
2. water that tastes funny. (not bad funny... not sewage funny.... but from a well "funny").
3. friends. i've never been up north alone, and it actually sounds nice to do.... but the times i have gone with friends or family, it has been good.
4. peeing outside.
5. card games.
6. fishing-- and cooking what you catch.
7. boats/water/docks.
8. cabins- the smell of cabins. or tents.
9. beer. and wine.

Hmmm.... this list is not what I was envisioning when I thought about writing this post. It's pretty lame. My head/mind is elsewhere I guess. Maybe still up in the woods. If it comes back to me (in an articulate fashion), maybe i'll post it.

Anyhow, here are a few pictures from this weekend. Thanks to kevin (and cindy) for letting us come up to the cabin. Thanks to Ryan for driving, and hooking me and jen up with new jammies (go twins)! And lastly, thanks to Nancy, for letting us come to your house, trusting us with your ATV and vague directions, and letting us fish tar lake. It was an awesome weekend, one that will likely take a few days to fully recover from.

kevin leading us to "the spot"

ryans first fish of the season

jen and i

jen's fish

my fish

bocce at nancy's house

sceptical of finding the lake on nancy's 140 acres

big bass that jen got on nancy's lake

nancy's out-house. complete with sanitzer, magazines, and flowers!

our matching twins pajammas! (thanks ryan)

This blog makes little sense (see beginning). I should be doing homework.... I do have a few hours till the twins game starts. Go team!


Ryan said...

I love the blog. Basically I love reading what you write on it. You have an interesting way of describing what's on your mind. A way that's a good way. You're very welcome about the pants and driving. Glad you both went and had fun. Can't wait to do it again. Now we know what to prepare for next time ;). Take care!!

Anonymous said...

And all the while I thought you were saying you were going "over north"... NOW I see the difference!


JK. Looks like a blast. When you said you were going fishing, I pictured you guys going to a lake 15 minutes away. Looks like a blast.