Thursday, May 7, 2009

so many things.... so little time (at the moment)

A lot has happened since I last wrote. Too much to recap, actually. I thought I'd do this entry almost entirely in pictures, for sake of brevity.

Note: I don't have time to edit these pictures.... when I do, you will hopefully be able to tell the difference, not only because of my watermark, but also by the quality.

Here goes.

1. I got "laid off" from books for the future because they didn't have enough money to pay me (for the couple hours a week I worked). Those of you who know how hard I worked at getting donations might think that this news (of being laid off) saddens me. You are right. However... it goes to show that we are in a clusterfucked economy, and good businesses are losing money, and now more than ever is when we need to be supporting our local businesses and community organization. Please, next time you are book shopping, check out books for the future, and see if they have your book. Also, I will continue to take donations, and put the word out.... so if you hear anything, have anything, etc.... give a shout, I'm still happy to pick them up and bring them in for you.

2. I've been spending lots of time with lil jim at the pub. He's such a sweetheart. No one could ever replace my grampa and the beautiful relationship we had... but i will say that playing cards, talking fishing, and sharing stories of big trouble with jimmy is proving to be nothing but love. And the coolest part about it.... is that he's not a replacement grampa..... he's a friend.

me and jimmy a few days ago, talking fishing.

3. Jen and I got playful and built a fort. If you haven't done it lately, I recommend it.

4. Saw sally's dad's band play at plums. They are great. (more photos coming soon).

sallys dad.

5. Played cribbage with jen, ryan, and brie.


6. watched the kentucky derby at dixies.

7. Hassan Mead ran a 13:28 5K at stanford!! He broke the school record (and his own) by 15 seconds. Click here to see the video. Congrats Hassan!

old photo of hassan. maybe from 08?

8. celebrated mayday


the sun at powderhorn

sally trying to holler


(a couple of clowns)

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