Sunday, April 19, 2009

steve kenny

I've been going to the Artist's Quarter for 9 years. Actually, I first went 9 years ago, but had to take a short "leave of absense" after being busted for boozing down there while I was a few years shy of legal drinking age. Since B3 organ sensation Billy Hollman left for Vegas (and ended up in Philly), I've been back to the AQ only a handful of times. Each time, I am greeted and graced by Davis, my friend, honorary uncle, human encyclopedia, and go-to guy for advice when life throws those bastardly curve balls.

My friend steve kenny plays trumpet, and we met several years ago (during my underage "spree"). Aside from a small mid-week gig some months ago, it had been over a year since he last played at the AQ. That all changed this weekend, as steve played with Dave Kerr, Kenny Horst, Tom Lewis, and Mikkel Romstad for a "Kind of Blue" weekend.

I went with camera in hand (Jen in the other hand) and was blown away by the talent that stood in front of me on stage. Steve sounded better than I'd ever heard! The whole band sounded great. It was an honor to listen to his performace, laugh at his quirky ways, and see how much he has grown as a friend and a musician over the past few years.

A few shots from the night....

"a kind of blue weekend"

mikkel romstad (piano), tom lewis (bass)

dave karr

steve kenny

steve kenny (muted horn), dave karr (background)

steve kenny (flugelhorn)

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Anonymous said...

You are clearly getting better with that camera of yours. Very nice. I haven't been to the artists quarter in far too long...