Thursday, April 9, 2009

things i like (part 2)

I think I should write another list of things I like and enjoy.... as a reminder to myself that life has it's ups. And... I'm not ready to start my homework yet, so this is a good way to postpone it even longer.

things I like:

1. postponing my homework. (this is a short term like.... but after a while, it gets old, and piles up -- and then i feel pretty crummy about it).

2. the hilarious stuff that Jim Laine says in my religion class. (i.e. "1492 columbus sailed the ocean blue, and all the jews got kicked out too.... i just made that up.... i could be a rapper" -- when telling the class about saphardic jews, who were living in spain and portugal until 1492 when they were expelled and went to the ottoman empire--

3. thrift stores (yesterday i bought an englebert humperdink/tom jones cassette tape, and a fidora).

4. Sakura (for their kick ass happy hour).

5. when Stephanie Millar comes into town for spring break (and it's not my break.... though we party like it is).

6. baseball season. go twins!

7. lil jim from the pub . (i brought him some pictures the other day....and reminded him that if he needed help getting to his dr appts, i would be happy to drive. he then told me that he had an appointment in duluth coming up....(fuck, duluth?)...he said ya, it's in duluth, and we'd need to stay for about a week. Ha!! Can't fool me! I told him that if it was fishing season, I might take him up on that offer.... however, it's not, and therefor I will not be going up north with an 82 year old man for his "week long" appointment. finally, someone who can keep up with my smart ass comments.

lil jim @ secret santa party (dec 2008)

8. conversations. good ones. funny ones.

9. tennis. i've been playing tennis about once a week with emily and it's been really good. i started a lil group called "Bal Qaeda" which basically takes the snooty ritzy shit out of tennis, and replaces it with a lil more fun, and a lil more ass kicking. if you want to be part of the group, hit me up! it's open to all abilities. so long as you aren't a prude, you can be in it.

10. sun. omfg, the sun has been out the last couple of days, and it's been wonderful! i haven't been playing outside like i should (and want), but even just sitting by a window, feeling the sun on my skin.... it's so rejuvenating.

11. art and music. kind of vague, but just being around "the arts" is so good for my soul.... so good for creativity and balance and wonderment. i love it. a couple weeks ago, devon took jen and i to orchestra hall for shastakovich no. 11. it was dope! and we saw walter mondale, and got a picture with him. (click here for a great article about devon).

orchestra hall 3.26.09

asha., walter mondale, devon gray

asha., jen, dvrg

12. Potlucks. I rarely go to sally's potluck, but have been a couple times this year, and i love it! The women (and men) are so great! Shout to melissa, a grown ass woman who skateboards.... and has 2 ducati's (one is for sale....holla if you're looking).

13. cindy and kevin, who recently got engaged....and are so happy and cute together.... they bring so much good energy wherever they go. they are beautiful and amazing, and i'm stoked they have decided to spend their lives together as lovers and friends.

the newly engaged couple (and their pet)
--taken dec 2008 at secret santa party--

14. that's about it for now. I am eagerly awaiting 2 new jackets that UPS should be bringing to me sometime today! if neither are weather appropriate for today.... i don't care. i'm wearing em!

15. Oh yeah. Duh. My new book, containing 75 monday crosswords from the NYtimes. Once I get through that book, I will buy tuesday! And so on... till i'm dominating sunday crosswords. It will likely be a while.... but I am learning quite a bit, and enjoying myself as i (nearly) complete them.

Time for (home)work....

(p.s. feel free to hit me up with a list of what you enjoy.... the more we are mindful of the good things, the more happy and grateful we will become).


Lisa said...

Hi Asha,

I read your blog. Thought I should make myself known. I post the highlights of my day almost everyday on mine, and often they are just little things that make me happy. So if you want to read some of those ever you are welcome to visit.

My friend Ayumi used to do something like it, and when she stopped I decided it was time for me to start. It really helps me remember what is important in life.

I hope you and Jen are doing well. I'd love to hang out sometime.

Ryan said...

Ay there!! Very good note you have there. I will in fact send you a list of things I like as well. I will start thinking of them when I wake up. 3 come just came to my head instantly right now, but will save to share them with you when I send you my list. Keep up the good work.... and homework ;)

aliciaisbrown said...

Thing that we both like:

#1 and all of the stipulations thereafter.


#8, I've been craving/needing more funny one lately. Feel free to provide me with jokes anytime (this will also help with #1).

#10 Sunlight! Seriously, I'm freakin Storm over here. Weather and mood are quite the parallel in my world.

#11 Yes and yes. I've been sooo blessed and privlidged to be able to do this more often. It has been becoming an addiction.

#12 I've been trying to hit up raw food potlucks lately. But I'm always down with the everything but swine variety.