Thursday, May 21, 2009

add it to the list...

golfing. another activity getting in my way of school work/ responsibilities.

went to the driving range yesterday, to screw around for a while. i'm not good at golf (although i initially thought i would be, due to years of playing hockey/tennis/softball/etc....).

actually, the first time i went to the driving range, was with oyvin, a beautiful norwegian exchange student who i called "winny". i used his clubs, and my first swing, not only did i miss the ball, but i accidently let go of the club! It was so embarressing, as here I was trying to impress this dude with my athletic abilities... and ended up instead having to tell all the other golfers to stop practicing as i ran out to retrieve the club that had flown out of my hands. needless to say, winny never took me golfing again. :)

anyhow, yesterday was nice. jen was kind enough to take a picture so i could post it on here for all to see. if anyone wants to give me (free) golf lessons, let me know. also, if anyone needs a caddy this summer, let me know.... i'm looking for "part time" work.

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