Wednesday, May 20, 2009

minus priorities

It's hot out. Yesterday it was 95 degrees. Today it's about the same. I've slept on my couch the last 2 nights, because it's by the only set of windows that will open in my apartment. I love the breeze, hearing it, feeling it, breathing it.

I've pretty much given a big "fuck you" to my priorities the last few days. Well, actually, it's been about a year.... but the last few days specifically I have done very little in terms of getting things done.

My religion class ended a week or two ago.... I ended up getting an A- which I am stoked about, because I did terrible on my exams, but very well on my essays... enough so that I stayed above 90 something percent. Good. One thing less on the list.

I've got this blasted projects to do for my individualized degree program ("Education for Social Change"), but just can't seem to get myself and my shiz together to complete them. The ironic (?) thing is, that I have already completed most of the work for these projects. All I need to do is type it up in a way that is "presentable to the academy".

Here are some of the things that are making it hard (for me to complete my work).

1. Facebook: I could peruse that shit all day. It's like a drug or a leech sometime.... i find myself on it, doing nothing, and losing so much time.

2. Drugs: Well, not really. But booze. Since it's become nicer out, I've been going out (to the bars) more often. It's fun, almost always, but it's sucking up my money extremely fast. It's also been sucking my motivation.

3. Fishing. I've gone fishing each of the last 3 days (sunday, monday, and tuesday) for about 10+ hours total. I've caught some fish, definately wish I would have caught more.... but either way, I've been spending too much time on the shoreline and not enough time in the books.

mothers day, 2009

may 2009

the other day, (may 2009)

(Note: I did bring some GRE vocabulary flash cards with me to the river and to the bar last night-- they didn't come out of my bag during fishing, and I only looked at a few in between sips of summit at the pub).

4. Baseball. One thing I love about spring is the begining of baseball season. Like many MN teams, the twins usually start out good, suck during the middle/majority of the season, and then finish strong -- but almost always a spot away from playoffs. So, springtime is when I like to be a baseball fan... when the twins are doing well (minus a 4 game ass whooping by the yankees this week/end).

may 4, 2009

5. On nice, sunny days (like today-- although it's mad windy), I like to go outside. Costello's has a great patio, usually with good folks sitting out front (lil jim, scooter jim, kevin foley, kevin blue eyes, etc....) and I love to head over there to stretch out in the sun. But the problem with going to a bar in the afternoon, is that even if i sip diet cokes and do crossword puzzles, i still find myself losing track of time and many days losing track of myself.

tom and jen, enjoying the patio at sweenys (may 09)

Jen's mom dropped off a bag of about 20 morel mushrooms yesterday, as she passed through town. I've never had morel mushrooms, but I've heard a lot of people going ape shit over them. We (jen and I) are planning to dine with our downstairs neighbors (john and julie) tonight-- mushrooms included. I'm looking forward to it.

It's coming up on 2pm, and I haven't done much today, other than write this blog and catch up on some facebook scrabble. I'm tempted to head to the pub and write for a while, as it's cheaper to go there (for a coke) than it is to go to the coffee shop around the corner. Jen's picking me up in an hour or two so we can run some errands. That gives me time to get some work done.... although like I said, all this play (i.e. 3 days fishing) has left me with little desire to do much work.

Oh, while fishing yesterday, I thought of a title for a song... "I love you, despite you". I'm supposed to write a few songs for one of my projects, perhaps that will be one of them. "I love you, despite you. I love you, despite me." That will be part of the hook. Maybe.

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Jesse said...

Oh, how I don't miss being a student anymore! I forgot about the guilt that always accompanied a nice, lazy day, which easily became two lazy days, etc.

Just remember, some day there will be no tests to study for and no grades to worry about. Then you can really appreciate you leisure days...guilt free. :)