Sunday, March 8, 2009

missing my camera

So I let my boss/friend borrow my little camera while she went to Hawaii. (Note: My camera has 7 or 8 Megapixels... the link above is a newer edition). Anyhow, I've been without my lil friend (the camera) for about a week. The camera and my boss/friend will be coming back today, which means I'll likely have my gadget back in a few days. Hooray!

Do you ever feel like you want something, when you can't have it? I do all the time. And this's been wanting my little camera, so I can take pictures of my day(s), my experiences, my learning, my struggles, etc.

Most of you should remember that I recently bought a sick ass camera (Nikon D60), and I love learning about it and taking pictures with it. The problem is.....lugging it around! It's not as easy to carry as a point and shoot. Now Jen and my mom are probably rolling their eyes, as I have so many bags (including 2 camera bags: a big one and a smaller over the shoulder/purse type thing). But sometimes I just want to throw my camera in my regular bag.... (life is so rough, I tell you).

Anyhow, I'm trying to find a little hard case I can put the body (of my camera) in...and then just wrap the lens + carrying case in a sweatshirt or something. But I have to find the perfect one. I've got no qualms about buying accessories online... (I had to get the camera in person though, because I felt more comfortable I guess). But looking online for a fucking camera case is hard....because there are SO many....thousands!! I've been looking on B & H photo which the site my downstairs neighbor uses. Hopefully I find something soon...(without buying a ton of other crap that I don't need). BTW...none of this is in my budget. Guess I'll have to pick up extra hours at work.

Side note: I don't like to hate on people or companies....especially not online, however, "National Camera Exchange" is the exception! I can't stand this place.... why? Because it's a bunch of pompous jerk-faces, who don't pay you any mind/attention, unless you are a white grown up, have money falling out of your ears, or are not me. I've been in there a couple times, and once they were just rude and not helpful.... the second time, they didn't even approach me!! I stood in the middle of the store, looking around for probably 15 minutes....and those haters never even came to ask "How can I help you?" They'd ask other people who came in (after me!), they'd walk right by me.... but never would they ask if I needed any help finding anything. Bastards.

I'm almost always one to say "Support your local businesses" but since they are "national" camera exchange (all in MN, I think).... and since they are stuck up ass-clowns.... I say forget em. I'd prefer to buy from a robot on the internet. At least robot-face wont discriminate against me.

That's about it for me.... I've got to study. It's felt like an uphill battle...especially with my religion homework/reading. Although, my youth studies and PIL stuff is quite overwhelming too. I just want to be done with it.

One step at a time, right? What if there's a ton of steps? Sometimes I wish my steps got me farther ahead than they do. But I suppose it's not the destination so much as the journey. Or that's what I'm supposed to believe anyway.

P.s. Upon re-reading this....I noticed one might think I'm being a hater by complaining about my lack of a little camera this week. It's not like that. I'm happy to let others borrow my camera (or other gadgets). I just need to find a little case for my big camera, so I don't feel like my photographic eye isn't blinded.

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So, I needed to catch up on your blognessed life extravaganza, haha. So, I've read from top to half way of March 8 (Missing Camera). I'll finish it up later :). I tried watching the funny video you and Jen told me about, but it said it's not available anymore and I was bummed. Also, looks like the band was pretty good and you both obviously had lots of fun ;)....and waking up at 2:30pm. Nice ain't it? Anyways, I had a fun day today with Jen and I hope she did, too. Thanks!! Well, take care and talk to you soon!!