Sunday, March 15, 2009

heiruspecs (3.14.09)

just spent hours trying to figure out how to add watermarks to my photos. alas, i have not figured it out..... so go ahead a take em while you can.

show last night was dope! missed mayda..... sorry dude. cabs were running behind, and it took us a while to get to triple rock. thanks to devon for giving jen and i a ride home. and thanks to chris, for clearing up the lil "mishap" of my name getting crossed off the

here's some of my favorite photos from the night...enjoy!


mastermind, sean, chris





devon and chris



muad'dib and dessa


my favorite photo of chris

hockey teammates (from 10+ years ago)

Was a fun night.... got home at 3 something, fell asleep at 4 something.... woke up at 7 something, made my way to bed shortly after... and finally drug my sorry ass out of bed at about 3pm.

Can't wait till next time.

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