Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Shoe Project (is over)

Apologies for not writing much lately.  Lots has been happening, and I've failed to keep up. 

Here are the final photos from the end of the shoe project.  I made it through the entire month (of October) never wearing the same shoes twice.  It was a fun project/challenge, and I am glad I did it! 

On November 1st when it was time to get dressed and go to work... I was stumped.   I stood in my closet (insert gay joke here) and was overwhelmed by outfit options.  I had at least 31 pairs of shoes I could wear (plus about 5-10 more), and since the shoe project was officially over, I could choose whatever I wanted. 

October 22, 2011.  Blue suede shoes from High School.

October 23, 2011.  Adidas Original Superstar.  Also from High School.

October 24, 2011.  Cribbage tournament in frogtown.

October 25, 2011.  Running out of photo ideas.

October 26, 2011.  Mili and Jen's dope floor, South Minneapolis. 

October 27, 2011.  My mom's "lawn mowing" shoes on Felix's motorcycle.

October 28, 2011.  Some random woman at the bar held up my leg so I could take this photo. 

October 29, 2011.

October 30, 2011.

October 31, 2011.  Last day of the shoe project.

 I seemed to write a lot more in October, while I was doing the shoe project.  It was fun to see how many people checked out my site and would leave comments along the way.  Last night I got to thinking about what I could write about now.... that would keep me posting regularly.  There's probably a way to update this blog with my phone, which would be sweet, because then I'd be more likely to post a photo of the day.  We'll see.  Suggestions are welcomed, as always.

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