Wednesday, November 23, 2011

An Average Morning's Thoughts

Woke up too early this morning, and wondered why I was awake.  Oh shoot, I have a dentist appointment at 7:30.  That's why!  

Went to the dentist, and along the way thought about the time my dentist called Adele "the fat chick."  He and I got into it that day, because I of course, had to prove the point that Adele is awesome the way she is...she doesn't need a rail thin body to show off her vocal talent.

Went to Kowalski's to look purchase kale and spinach.  Yesterday I got a new hand held blender.  I want to start making smoothies.  Got to Kowalski's and was surprised to see their produce prices higher than Mississippi Market.  I got some bananas, and 25 dollars worth of other random things (soy milk, a donut, some fresh cod, and the Chinook book.  I bought the Chinook book last year, and didn't use enough coupons to make my money back.  This year will be different.

I listened to the radio while driving this morning.  Lots of talk about "Black Friday," the biggest shopping day of the year.  Many places are opening at midnight (shortly after many Americans will finish watching football and eating their thanksgiving dinners).  It made me think about what the holidays are all about.  First of all, Thanksgiving is probably the dumbest holiday ever... aside from Columbus day.  I think it's important to be thankful for what we have... but I also think it's important to remember the genocide of an entire people/culture/nation.  Second of all...this whole Black Friday thing bugs me.  I got an email this morning from the "Gap" saying "Black Friday starts today."  Hmph... I'm sorry but I could have sworn today was Wednesday.  You can't start Black Friday two days early.  C'mon!  

After my disappointing trip to Kowalskis (which...don't get me wrong, I like it there, the people are nice, the food selection is good.. it just didn't do it for me today), I went to Mississippi Market.  There I spoke with the produce dude about what kind of kale I need for a smoothie.  We talked for a while, he gave me some good recipe ideas (I didn't mention anything about the donut I ate on my way there), and he inquired about my ethnic background.  When I told him my name was Asha, he said "Ah yes, hope."  Indeed, in Sanskrit my name means hope.  It was a good trip.  I came home with beets, kale, ginger, avocado, salt, pepper, and flax seed. 

Driving home from the co-op, I waited as this HUGE truck was getting situated along the side of the road.  I started to think, "what if I was in a hurry right now?"  Knowing I wasn't in a hurry, I was able to it really the trucks fault if I ran late?  Why wouldn't I just leave early?  It got me thinking about how cranky people can be when they drive.  If you are really in that big of a rush... leave earlier.  And when you think about it...what's more important... getting somewhere 30 seconds sooner?  Or driving respectfully and safely.  For some, I don't know there is a certain answer.  As I drove by the huge truck, I noticed it said "Mayflower" on it.  That seems appropriate, I thought, being Thanksgiving is tomorrow.  I then began to think of what it must have been like to be Columbus on the ship coming to Indian...err... America.   

Last night I went to see "Still Black Still Proud" at the Ordway.  It was incredible.  The musicians (Maceo Parker, Pee Wee Ellis, Vusi Mahlasela) were amazing.  There was so much talent on the stage.  Furthermore...and possibly my most favorite part of the show was that young and old people got up and danced.  It was beautiful.  Brown, black, white folks... a bunch of people were dancing.  And aside from weddings, it's a rare sight to see young kids and old folks dancing/sharing the same space.  It was heart warming.  (Side note: If you've never heard Vusi Mahlasela sing...check him out). 

My mind has been racing today (and I've left out several things).  Oh, one thing I should note is that last week I challenged myself to eat only non-processed foods.  That meant no butter, milk, yogurt, candy, ice cream, soda, etc.  I did drink (plenty of) beer, and "cheated" a few times (one egg roll at a staff meeting, one tiny piece of fudge while talking to my 88 year old friend who endorsed it, and on Sunday night-- the last night of the challenge I ate a string cheese and a morningstar veggie burger-- because I had a big interview the next morning and needed the duel).  It was certainly a challenge, and I did get sick of eating bananas and peanut butter all the time.  The first few days were cool, because I was actively cooking meat (in unprocessed coconut oil), and I made time to plan and prepare meals, but by the end, I was really just trying to make it through the week.  I'm glad I did the challenge though.  It was a good test of discipline.  

I am off to meet a friend for coffee.  Before I do, I feel as though I should share what I am thankful for.  In no order of importance, I am thankful for: my one skinny ankle, the positive people in my life, the lessons i have learned in the last year, my new job, my old job, music, and that i have enough food to eat everyday.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  

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