Sunday, August 21, 2011

The most amazing weekend....

I won't go into details about why this weekend was amazing.  I'm too tired.  

I will tell you how it feels, however.  It feels great. 

Most of the weekend was spent with women.  Friday night was with a majority of folks I had never met.  It was great.  I got "into it" with my family the previous weekend about how I don't "do small talk", and I can ask intimidating questions and what not.  I agree in part, that I'm more observant than chatty, but for some reason I had a great time telling jokes, listening to stories, and being around new people.
Saturday I hung out with a dear friend who gave me a book that hits the heart.  We hit up a garage sale and talked about life and the different choices we are faced with each day.  I spent Saturday afternoon on a boat.  It was great to be with positive people, in the sun, on the water.  I even caught a fish!
Saturday night I had organized a group of people to take night photos.  Me...the organizer was running late, so it only ended up being a few of us.  What was supposed to be night photography in downtown saint paul ended up with me wearing carharts, no shirt, and a mohair scarf covering select parts of my chest, forehead covered in eye shadow with a couple of friends.  What started as a trip to my house to get an external flash turned into a photo shoot with two amazing women.  The energy was beautiful!!  (photos coming....soonish).

Today I went to the farmers market and then to the farmers market brunch my friend hosts.  It was lovely to see folks.  The energy this weekend was amazing!!  It's hard to explain how good I feel-- it has certainly been a while!  

I feel so blessed to have so many rad people in my life, but at this moment, so honored for the women in my life.  Being a woman is hard.  Being a human is hard.  Finding rad, inspiring, friendly, goofy, intelligent women to spend time with is so rejuvenating. 

I've got softball in a couple hours, which I'm excited for.  I've been goofy and smiling most of the weekend.  What a good feeling!  I'm sure I'm super dehydrated, and I know I'm sleep deprived.  I ought to try to live with a little more balance, but this weekend was go big or go home.  I went big (and eventually home).  It was amazing.  I am entering this next week feeling good, goofy, strong, and ready to go!  Let's hope it lasts... I made sure to write about it while in the thick of it... so I can come back and remember it when it passes.  

Life can be really good...if you're open to it.

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