Friday, November 19, 2010

Get Outta Town!!

2 posts in one day? Get outta town. I'm on a with it.

A couple weeks ago (halloween weekend), I went camping with Andy and Chris Wilbourn. Here are the pictures. Also, in following up to my post a week or two ago... I didn't end up going to see Ardes. It was our first snow of the season, and people tend to lose their ability to drive during the first snow, so I stayed close to home. I'll get out to see her in the next month or two. She's awesome, and I was bummed to not be able to see her last weekend. are the photos. You can see the photos took here.

looking for firewood.



andy getting the fire going.



pork and beans.

chris got fancy with his pork and beans.

andy during a serious moment.



my favorite photo of chris from the weekend.

jay cooke state park.

jay cooke.

chris and andy.


Andorius Maximus said...

Ooh pictures! Twas a good time! Tho only being there one night was kinda crappy... I had like 2-3 days worth of food in my pack when I got home. +_+" Next year we should do much more of this! at warmer times even!!??

asha shoffner said...

Yes, much more camping to come. And please, when it's warmer :)