Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Why Physical Therapy is Important

Three months ago, I had shoulder surgery.  They repaired a torn labrum, and cut a bunch of tendons and put anchors in them.  For the next 6 weeks, I spent my time in an immobilizer.  I wore it every day, even to sleep in.  When I was told I could get rid of the immobilizer, I did.  My arm was essentially stuck.  The ball and socket of my shoulder had calcified, because it wasn't used for 6 weeks.  Soon after, I started Physical Therapy.

Reasons Why I do PT (most nights)...

1. So I can reach top shelf anything.
2. So I can spoon my partner.
3. So I can throw a ball, play hockey, and shoot hoops again.
4. So I can lift weights and get my strength back.
5. So I can play guitar again.
6. So I can rock climb, fish, and play tennis.
7. So I can carry a backpack without pain.
8. So I can get dressed without being so awkward.
9. So I can dance the Macarena.
10. So I can get full range of motion back.
11. So I can be normal again, and do all the things I used to love to do.

11 is the kicker.  I miss being able to do the things I love(d) to do.  I keep these things in mind each (or every other) night when I do my exercises. 

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