Monday, December 26, 2011

What Xmas Should Look Like

What Christmas should look like:

Santa.... is a sexy looking silver fox type of guy, probably not older than 50.  
He's not fat.  
I'm sitting on his lap (obviously, this is Xmas after all and some traditions cannot be ignored).  
He hands me an envelope filled with cash, and says "Merry Xmas.  Here is for your rent, bills, etc."
Thanks Santa!!

What Christmas actually looked like:

Woke up alone in my bed.
Played guitar for an hour.
Went to my moms house for a great brunch with her and her friend.
Played guitar in the living room, while they did crafts in the kitchen.
Friend comes over and we head to the outdoor/refrigerated rink to skate.
We play hockey with 6 guys and hold our own just fine.
We go to Groveland Tap to get a beer.  They are closed.  
We proceed to Billy's on Grand.  They don't open till 5.
We awkwardly wait in the car for 15 minutes, till 5:05.  We don't want to seem desperate. 
We sit and talk about education, curriculum/instruction, and race for 2 hours while drinking Stone IPA.
We go back to my moms house and eat leftovers (from friend's Xmas with her family the night before).
We watch 3 quarters of the packer game, occasionally screaming, clapping or cheering.  
Friend heads home.
I head home too.
I spend several (4+) hours playing guitar and working on photos until 3:15am.

Xmas Morning

Xmas Brunch

Xmas Day

What a rad Xmas!!  Xmas Eve was good too...spent it with a few friends and family.  I had been stressed about it, not because of presents or anything, just because it's a hard time of year and I've got some shit going on that is hard to understand, let alone deal with.  <-- Which as I write that... I realize that I don't need to understand why things happen... I just need to deal with them.  

Anyhow, Christmas this year was great.  I'm lucky to have good friends and good family.  Even when I'm feeling sad... I still know that I am blessed with good people in my life.  That and I am blessed with skinny ankles.  Just sayin.  

Happy holidays everyone.  Stay safe, sane, mindful, and loving!  

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Greg said...

I'm not sure Huxley would go along with your new version of Santa, but I think its pretty cool.