Sunday, February 28, 2010

Celebration of winter

I almost forgot....well I did forget (to mention it in my last post).

I had the 3rd or 4th Annual Celebration of Winter on Sunday Feb 21. It was a food/clothing drive for "Sharing Korner" 595 Arundel Street, saint paul, mn 55103.

We raised 96 lbs of food and clothes that night. I would like to thank everyone who came (especially my mom, because she brought a cake). I would also like to thank costellos for having incentives (i.e. donate food, get drink discounts).

I had a great time, and I hope everyone who came had fun too.

If you would like to donate food/clothes in the future, I recommend Sharing Korner. They serve the frogtown neighborhood in St Paul. They are located across the street from Jackson Elementary. The phone number there is 651.293.1931. Also, if you are looking to receive food/clothing, give them a call, and they can hook you up (either with the stuff they have, or they will give you a number to call, for a food shelf that serves your area.

You can also call 211, which is the United Way, and they can help you find food shelf information, as well as lots of other "need to know" things (i.e. doctors, housing assistance, etc).

Thanks again everyone who supported/attended the Celebration of Winter this year. I thought it was a great success.

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