Sunday, February 28, 2010


Here's a list of things, that I've experienced in the last couple of weeks, in no particular order.

1. I was sick for 2.5 weeks. It was awful. Mentally, I felt okay....physically, I felt like shit. After about 1.5 weeks, I started getting really annoyed/frustrated, because I couldn't do much.
(update: I am FINALLY feeling better. I haven't puked in a few days).

2. Three (1.2.3) people budged in front of me at the pharmacy at target yesterday. All three were adults. They must have went to half-day kindergarden, and missed the lesson(s) about budging in line. Dummy's.

3. The olympics have been taking place the last 2 weeks. Never am I more "anti-american" that during the olympics (and sometimes during the world cup). America runs (or tries to run) damn near everything in the world.... but they are not the best, which is why I cheer for everyone else during the big O.
(note: things like soccer championships should be won by brazil, hockey games-- canada, women's gymnastics-- romania). Let the U.S. win in other things, like eating contests. p.s. as far as "anti-american" goes.... I am still happy (for the most part) to be here, in this land paved with golden streets.... so don't go reading too much into this "anti-american" and put me on the "no fly list". My anti-american sentiment is pretty much just for international sports competitions.

4. Is it sad that I feel the need to write a disclaimer about that?

5. My apartment is a mess, as is my schoolwork. Being sick for a couple of weeks has not helped.

6. I got window-washing fluid for my car yesterday, and I can finally see out of the windshield!

7. Salmon was 4 dollars at target the other day. Koby and I got into an "argument" about it.... she says something about my kids will have to pay for it later. Whatever. I ate some of it yesterday (with green beans and basmati rice), and it was good. Eat that koby :)

8. I have a couple of competitive friends, with whom I play scrabble. Donna and Ariella, thanks for keeping me on my toes! P.S. I think the "V" should be worth more than 4. Does anyone agree? It's such a hard letter (and there are no 2 letter V words).

9. Toki came over a couple weeks ago, played a bunch of records, and didn't put them back in their cases. This will be an afternoon long activity, which I am fine with, cuz then I can look through (and play) some dusty albums.

10. My former advisor (and current friend) Greg fell a week or two ago, and shattered his knee cap. Feel better buddy!!

11. The women's canadian hockey team beat the US for the gold medal. I was okay with this. The canadian team also got in some trouble for drinking beers/champagne and smoking cigars (on the ice) after their victory. I am okay with this too. Sure, it doesn't set a great example for the children... but who cares? I love canada, and I guess in my mind, they deserve a stack of "get outta jail free cards", cuz they are so politically chill about things (i.e. they don't start wars for the hell of it).

12. Women's curling was won by Sweden. A lady on their team looks kind of like my therapy lady. It cracks me up. Oh...the Swedes beat canada for that title...and one of the canadian ladies looked like Sarah Palin (kind of.... just with long brown hair, shapely eyebrows, and the general "milf" look about her).

13. I decided I should be a curler. I live super close to the st paul curling club. And it looks dope. I like the shoes they wear too. (jesus, really? the shoes? there's more to curling than the shoes). Anyhow, I think I will be hitting up the curling club in the future.

14. Today (from 6:30-7:30 MN time) is a sale at Vertical Endeavors (VE). It's a one year pass to rock climb for 298 dollars (+ tax). I've thought about doing it, but then I would have to drop my Y membership....because all I ever do at the Y is run, and there is a treadmill at VE. But...because the Y is super close to me, I feel like I should keep my membership there and just pay the drop in fee to rock climb. We'll see. I've got 7 hours to decide. :)

15. I bought an iPhone on wednesday from stephanie, for 50 bucks. I tried to unlock/jailbreak it, but messed up on a few things. If anyone wants to try their luck at it, hit me up. I may give it one more shot later today...we'll see, otherwise, I'll bring it in to world of wireless tomorrow or later in the week.

16. Heiruspecs played a fundraiser show (at central high school), for their scholarship program, which supports students after high school in studying the arts. I arrived to the show a bit late, but I will say, it was super dope to see all these former central alum playing music together, and it seemed like they raised quite a bit of money as well!

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Greg said...

With the salmon, it depends on if it is wild or farm raised. The people who are trying to save the oceans want you to eat wild,not farm raised (this applies only to salmon... it varies by fish).