Wednesday, November 12, 2008


What makes me happy?

Music, friends, running. To name a few.

I haven't been writing (music or anything) lately, and it's buggin me. It's not that I'm out of ideas or have an empty brain... in fact, it's quite the opposite. I've got all kinds of shit running through my mind...I just haven't been disciplined enough to get it down and out. That's going to have to change.

Friends: Yep. I've got a few. I've been hanging out quite a bit at Costello's Bar (which I call, "the pub"). There are wonderful folks down there. Last night, Jen and I shared a booth and did
n't talk much. We had several of our (older) friends come sit with us, out of concern. It was quite nice. (to all who are curious, we talked and made up).

Running. Damn. Running used to be my outlet. My past time, if you will. And, when I didn't smoke cigarettes, I was a pretty decent runner, actually. I want to get back into running, real bad. It's hard to start. Last year, I hung out with a lot of the women from the CC/Track team at U of MN. We mostly did yoga together, but it was still really awesome to be around them. I miss that.

It's 6pm. I'm hungry. Jen and I went to Ngon, a vietnamese bistro on avon and university, for some pho and egg rolls. Egg rolls were good. They had no jalepenos, so the pho was a bit sweet for our liking. We just took it home, and put our own peppers in it.

I did most of my school work this past weekend. So, wednesday (my day off), I haven't done much. I'm thinking I'll head to the pub, while it's still happy hour, and get some chicken fingers and a beer. (In addition to hugs, advice, and perhaps a few rounds of pool).

Happiness doesn't always fall into your lap. Sometimes you gotta get up and go get it.

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Anonymous said...

Music, friends, more music, more friends.

I found your new blog you drunk!

Lifetime FTMFW!