Thursday, June 14, 2012

One Month

Damn, not even a month.  I'm scheduled to have surgery on my shoulder on July 12th.  I decided this yesterday, and I'm freaking out.  Okay....maybe not freaking out, but I'm one small step behind freaking out.  

This weekend is Gramma's Half Marathon.  I ran it a few years ago, and was supposed to run it again this year, but I've gotten myself injured.  Shoulder, you ask?  No... my mother fucking knee.  I tried to run 9 miles the other day, as I figured this half marathon is soon approaching and might as well cram some last minute miles in.  It didn't work.  I ran 4.5 miles, stopped at my friend's parents house for some water and then continued on.  After a block or so from my friends leg, a sharp pain, it was awful.  I kept running, because I figured I could just "run it off." 

I had to stop a few times while trying to run home.  I hate stopping when I'm running (unless I'm completely winded).  I didn't know anyone's phone number, and I needed a ride home.  I'd seen my mom driving (right about when my knee started hurting), but I didn't know where she was heading, so I couldn't call her.  I ended up running/limping/hobbling to my 10th grade student spanish teacher's house and getting a ride home from her.  It was sweet of her to help me out, but also left me feeling sad that I couldn't finish my run because the pain was so bad.

I ran last night, less than 3 miles, and was in a bit of pain.  For those familiar with a half marathon, that's 13.1 miles.  It's doable, but not worth the pain.  I figure if after a week long break (since that awful run), that running 3 miles last night hurts me.... there's no way I can run a half marathon this weekend.  I'm bummed.

So, back to this shoulder surgery thing.  I have about a month until it happens.  I'm going to have to wear a sling/immobilizer for about 6 weeks...even when I'm sleeping!  The only time I get to take it off is when I shower.  I asked the surgeon if I could run with the sling/immobilizer, and he said no.  I asked if I could bike, and he said yes, on a stationary recumbent bike.  I asked if I could do lunges and squats.  He said no.  I'm sorry, but WTF am I supposed to do?  I already know that I'm gonna gain weight and get super moody if I can't run around and be active.  (Weight gain and moodiness are two separate things).  I've long identified as an athlete, and to not be one for a while is gonna be hard.  Running around, lifting things, throwing things...that's how I release my energy.  It's going to be a true test to see what happens when I can't do any of those things.

Which brings me to my next point.... I'm gonna need help people, so listen up.  I HATE asking for help.  I hate being vulnerable, and weak, and all that business... I want to be strong, take care of others, take care of myself.... but with only one working arm for 6 months, I may need to rely on my friends a bit.  

I'm just putting that thought and that energy out in the world now.... so y'all have a heads up.  Pretty can be in charge of showering me.  Fast computer can do my school work for me.  Funny people... you can come over and make me laugh.  Patient people... you can listen when I complain and support me with positive thoughts and energy.  Everyone donations are fine :)

But in all seriousness... I'm terrified of this surgery.  It's not a big deal...the actual surgery, it's the recovery period that is going to suck, and the need to have other people help me out.  

I have a month before all this happens.  I have to get a lot done, including: 

Batting cages
Flapping my arms around like a bird

I'm sure there's more...but I think for now my priority has to be schoolwork.  I know as soon as I'm in this immobilizer... I'll want to do my work, but not be able to, because I'll be typing with only my left hand.  That said, I need to get as much done as possible, now!  That means a little less playing, and a little more working.  

Totally recovery for my shoulder is supposed to be around 6 months.  That includes 6 weeks in a sling/immobilzer, 3 months of physical therapy/light movement, and a few more months of resting it.  It's gonna be a wicked long 6 months...but if I ever want to throw overhand again, or be able to lay in bed without my shoulder falling out of the socket, I have to get this surgery and rehab it like crazy.  

The next 4 weeks are going to be I gotta get all this energy and movement out of my system.  Oh yeah, and get my school stuff done too.  If you have ideas, for the next month, or the following 6 months after that, let me know!  

PS if you or anyone you know want's to run gramma's half this weekend, hit me up ASAP.

Yes, I look white.  No, it's not intentional.  This photo was not taken for the blog, but the blog did need a photo.  Self Portrait: 06.14.2012

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