Thursday, February 17, 2011

6th Annual Celebration of Winter

The time has come for the 6th annual "Celebration of Winter." Please join me this Sunday, February 20th (anytime between 6-11pm) at Costellos Bar for an evening of food, drinks, and mild debauchery. Family, friends, kids, lovers, neighbors, and anyone with a good energy is invited.

Each year, I like to give a lil back to the community. Last year, we gathered 96 pounds of food to donate to a food shelf in frogtown. This year, I am gathering donations for the Hallie Q Brown food shelf in Saint Paul. Below, you will see a list of their needs. Please feel free to bring one or more of these items. If you are unable to donate, no worries, all are welcome regardless. (If you are able to donate, you will recieve modest discounts on drinks for the night).

Hallie Q Brown Food Shelf Needs

Fruits and Vegetables:

 Jack fruit, mandarin oranges and mango

 Peaches, pineapple, applesauce and pears

 Canned juices

 Whole kernel corn and green beans

 Straw mushrooms and baby corn

 Canned tomatoes

 Green chilies (canned and dry) and jalapenos

 Dates, raisins and dried fruit


 Peanut butter, peanuts and cashews

 Dry black-eyed and cow peas

 Dry pinto, red, black, soy and mung beans

 Green, brown, and red lentils

 Canned tuna, chicken, pork or beef

 Beef stew and chili

Pastes, spices and sauces:

 Spaghetti sauce

 Curry paste (yellow, red or hot)

 Beef and chicken paste

 Minced or chopped garlic

 Fish, oyster, chili and soy sauce

 Salsa, green sauce (tomatillo) and molĂ©

 Cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, cumin, curry,

ginger and red pepper


 Spaghetti and angel hair pasta

 Bean thread and rice sticks

 Mac and cheese

 Ramen and Mama noodles


 Cooking oil, olive oil, Crisco

 Flour, maseca (corn flour) and sugar

 Salt and pepper

 Coffee and tea

 Tortillas and taco shells

 Jiffy mix and yellow cake mix


 Hot and cold cereal

 Pancake mix and syrup

Baby Items:

 Similac


 Basmati

 Long grained

 Sweet

 Jasmine

 Kokuho

Non- Food:

 Toilet paper

 Shampoo and conditioner

 Laundry, bath and dish soap

 Diapers

 Feminine products

 Toothpaste, toothbrush

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