Monday, June 29, 2009

gone fishin....

Been busy the last couple weeks, mostly putzing around on kai's boat. When I haven't been on the boat, I've been fishing. Actually, I fished a lot on the boat too, but there were some times I was able to get out and head to fort snelling. Here are some pictures.

Also, I got my car back today (thanks Dreis), and I am stoked!! I've been carless for a couple of months now... having to borrow my moms car on fridays for work, and having jen and others drive my ass around for errands and such. I am so happy to have my car back!

One thing this means (among many) that I can now go fishing whenever I want (except fridays). That means, if you want to go fishing too.... get a (fishing) license for 18 dollars and call me! Also, if you're trying to get out of town for a few days (to fish, chill, whatev).... call me!

the smallest northern brandon ever caught (june 09)

a bass i caught (june 09)

me fishing at fort snelling (june 09).
photo taken by jen.
photo edited by asha.

catfish i caught off kai's houseboat (june 09).

Lastly, I almost forgot...this past weekend was pride. I only went out dancing on friday night. I didn't do the parade or park stuff on saturday or sunday. Here's a pic of me and big sal from friday night.

photo taken by sally.
photo edited by asha.

Summer is good...for the most part. Hit me up if you're trying to fish, cook, bike, play tennis, shoot pictures or just shoot the shit.

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madichan said...

How long does fishing season last? Whit and I (I think) are making a trip to MN the weekend of September 25 for his Olaf reunion. Even if we don't wind up "gawn fishing" with you, I'm sure we can hang out for a bit.