Thursday, February 5, 2009


Went to trivia at the Green Mill the other day....

One of the questions was "There are 5 countries with only one syllable.... Name 3".

1. Chad
2. Greece
3. Spain
4. France

5. Laos?

Really? Laos?

Help me out here. I think Laos has two syllables... at least that's how I've always heard it.

Lao is one. Laos is two.

Anyone with me? Anyone wanna tell me otherwise? I'm open to both.


Matt Schmitt said...

Laos is one syllable. Like strength, through, and squirrel it sounds like there should be just another half syllable in there somewhere, but there simply isn't. Think about Taos, New Mexico; do you want to say that with two syllables?

It's interesting to think about how some words gain a second syllable from the addition of an S while others don't -- face/faces vs fare/fares.

Anonymous said...

Squirrel definitely has two syllables. Don't tell me I'm crazy.

Also I would have agreed with you. Lao-os is how i always heard it.