Monday, April 30, 2012

30 Day of Biking Completed!

I did it.  I said.... I DID IT!!  I set out to ride my bike every day in the month of April, and get this....I did it.  Feels kind of good.  It was much less of a physical challenge than it sounds (as some days, I merely rode around the block).  It was however a challenge and test of discipline and time management.  I like challenges like this.... ones that are doable, but can be a true test of creativity and imagination as well.  I didn't write on my blog for about a month, because I felt like I couldn't write without posting photos, but I didn't want to post only some of the bike photos. they are...all 30 photos of my bike this month.
Day 1 - Fueled by Spontaneity
Day 2 - Fueled by Jameson
Day 3 - Fueled by Friends
Day 4 - Fueled by a Busy Schedule
Day 5 - Fueled by Dreams of Justice

Day 6 - Fueled by Momentum
Day 7 - Fueled by History
Day 8 - Fueled by Desperation
Day 9 - Fueled by Mega Churches in Suburbs
Day 10 - Fueled by Nordeast
Day 11 - Fueled by Extra Innings
Day 12 - Fueled by Pessimism
Day 13 - Fueled by Separation
Day 14 - Fueled by 94.
Day 15 - Fueled by Irritating Commitment and Guilt
Day 16 - Fueled by Vegetarians
Day 17 - Fueled by Memories
Day 18 - Fueled by Tacos
Day 19 - Fueled by Being Different
Day 20 - Fueled by Pedal Pubs for One
Day 21 - Fueled by Rain Delays
Day 22 - Fueled by Earth Day + Clean Air
Day 23 - Fueled by Lost Childhoods
Day 24 - Fueled by Blue Skies
Day 25 - Fueled by Jesus
Day 26 - Fueled by Emptiness
Day 27 - Fueled by Life
Day 28 - Fueled by Deadlines
Day 29 - Fueled by Small Worlds
Day 30 - Fueled by 30 Days of Biking Completed!!


Ms. Millar said...

Way to go!!!!

Anonymous said...

Really liking your blog and the creative documentation!