Monday, January 16, 2012

The Energy of Music

I should be writing about Martin Luther King day, which is today.  But I am not going to.  

I should be getting errands/work done today.  But I am not going to.

I just spent the last several hours working on a mix cd, and no -- it's still not done.  

I swear....if one could only judge me by the time, intent, and outcome of mix cd's I make, I'd be up there with the best people in the world.  You can decide who they are.  (All I could think of was Jesus for some reason... but that's not what I meant.)  My ego is not that big, nor is the comparison any good.

It's crazy how deep music can be.  How it can instantly bring you to a whole different place (in time, in mind, in everything).  I like that about music, and want to start making more of my own.

I posted this (video) on facebook a while back, but as I sit here this afternoon, home alone eating a sandwich and drinking a beer... I'm thinking about all the good people and energy I've come across lately. 

I know that happiness and all that shit is supposed to come from within.  It does, sure, whatever.  But after a weekend filled with super positive, smart, engaging, and goofy women... all I want to do is dance around and keep that energy going.  

Sharing music is one of the most beautiful things in the world to me.  Sharing energy is right up there with it.  I feel lucky to have good music, good energy, and good people in my life.

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Elizabeth said...

Always loved that good energy dance :) See you tomorrow.