Sunday, January 24, 2010


I try to eat breakfast every morning. If I don't, I can't take my pills (vitamins, etc) because I'll get a stomach ache. Sometimes, like today, I roll out of bed around 11am. What to have for breakfast....

Well...this morning I had Maple Nut Ice Cream. It's got some fat in it, and some dairy, some sugar, and some nuts. Oh, and maple...whatever that counts as...fruit maybe? Seems like a balanced breakfast to me.

Here's the problem. This morning, I had a regular sized bowl of Maple Nut. And then I took my pills. Now I feel sick. I didn't get enough food... and now, I'm not hungry, just sick.

I know a lot of people struggle to eat less... me, I am fortunate to not have that problem. My problem is making sure I get enough food to keep me healthy. And I know I'm unfairly complaining, but at the moment, I am not hungry, feeling nauseous, and there isn't much I can do about it....cuz if I eat more, I'll probably puke.

Life is rough, I tell ya. There are billions of people who do not get enough food to stay alive, and here I am, in the land of gluttony, unable to eat my fair share, because I have a stomach ache.

In other news... the vikings play the saints today. I am pulling for the Vikes, obviously, because I am a MN fan (year round, thank you). The vikings have been to the superbowl 4 times. They have lost it 4 times. The saints have never been to the superbowl, but as my friend Bonnie says... "what's one more year for them to wait"? Good point, my friend.

I love New Orleans, and think they deserve some good energy and positive things happening, however, I don't think it should be their football team. It could be their basketball team or something. Besides, they have good college teams they can cheer for. Our vikes need a win, Brett Favre needs a win, I need a win! Oh, and my mom is coming to the pub to watch the game with me and some friends. I'm hoping my uncle will come too. I better charge the battery for my camera. Woot!

taken from the facebook page of my friend Andy.

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